Nigerian Elites And Nigerian Deceits

By Ikenga Chronicles January 21, 2021

— Vitus Ozoke

I have argued, and I strongly believe, that when the story of the other side of social media is told, a whole chapter should be dedicated to Nigeria. Of all third world civilizations, I do not know any that has suffered greater disinformation and misinformation than Nigeria. There’s a wide intellectual class gap in Nigeria as is in many other developing societies.

Over 70 percent of Nigeria’s 200 million population still find themselves at the bottom digital totem pole and must look up the pole for their information needs. Sadly, very often, what comes from up that pole is complete crap. Many Nigerian social media circles are just loops for the community spread of craps. It can be suffocatingly overwhelming – and I should not be adding to your stress.

The only reason I recommend that you pause and ponder this particular crap is that it came out of the head of someone who was not too long ago, Nigeria’s Minister of Aviation. So, the guy you are reading in the attached tweet was not long ago making air safety decisions for Nigerians and air travelers into Nigeria. And he is still running up and down the country positioning himself to be president someday.

What makes this tweet awful is not that Femi Fani-Kayode believed that some miracle could happen to scuttle the inauguration of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. as the 46th President of the United States (a strike of thunderbolt or some other catastrophic accident). No, what makes this tweet awful, offensive, and troubling is the length which this wacko man went to construct a theory, convinced himself to believe it, and felt bold, comfortable, and shameless enough to share it with the rest of the human community.

Two equally disturbing things come out of this. It is either this man is constitutively stupid or he is too damaged, reckless, and irresponsible to care for the wellbeing of his readers and audiences and the integrity of his message. The latter possibility should give greater pause. If it is constitutive stupidity, he is a victim, and deserves prayers and sympathy. But a self-made reckless and irresponsible jackass, who does not care about what his readers read and his listeners hear from him, is a threat to his own society.

It’s a threat that must be taken seriously, given that it is neither random nor isolated. Too many self-styled Nigerian celebrities (or social media influencers, as they are called in Nigeria) are crap vendors. So, if it is not Femi Fani-Kayode sticking his head far up his ass in delusional fantasy, it is Pastor Chris Onyakhilome mocking God and the pulpit with his horrendously irresponsible 5G conspiracy theory about COVID-19. And this is to not mention the plague of too many Nigerian false prophets that prey on the helpless gullibility of their followers. And you still wonder why some of my Igbo brothers believed that Donald Trump was ordained by God to give them Biafra. Sad.

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