Nigerian Businessmen Should Emulate Dangote

By Ikenga Chronicles December 16, 2019

Nigerian Businessmen Should Emulate Dangote

— Ifeanyi Calistus

Nigeria is not a country where you are to combine partisan politics with business and expect to be successful at the long run. The brand of politics played in Nigeria is so vicious and vindictive.

In other climes, Entrepreneurs (Capitalists, industrialists, investors etc) concentrate on building their conglomerates, group of companies, estates etc. In most cases, they don’t join politics but when they joined, they do everything possible to separate business from Politics by protecting their business empire through the instruments of law.

Nigerian businessmen joined politics the moment they begin to see huge sums of cash in their bank account. The reason might be three fold: (a) To consolidate their business (b) To Steal more public funds and (c) to give back to the society by ways of selfless service.

Dangote is one man I respect so much for his consistency and focus. He has been active in Nigeria for the past 30yrs but he has never joined politics in Nigeria for one day. He’s focussed on building DANGOTE group. Tell me what would have happened to DANGOTE group today if he had joined either PDP or APC? To protect and safeguard his business interests in Nigeria, he supports all political parties, supports every government in power and never criticizes any one.

Donald Trump has been playing at the top level in American real estate business for the past 40 years but he just joined politics of late when he was over 70 years and has made ‘Trump’ a global brand. He made everything possible to separate his business from politics. If anything goes wrong today, law enforcement agencies will only go after Donald Trump not Trump businesses. Even if they do, they will get nothing. Wise entrepreneurs protect their businesses from invaders.

I don’t know why our people mix these things up. Companies are supposed to be treated as separate entities and that is why we have the Companies and Allied Matters Act, Cap. C20, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004.

Nigerian brand of politics destroyed Moshood Abiola and his chain of businesses, Ifeanyi UBA is still fighting for the survival of Capital oil. Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba group says that Alibaba does not belong to Jack Ma any more but belongs to the present generation. He said any company that employs more than one thousand employees does not belong to the founder any more.

Businessmen should concentrate on building their business empires and avoid politics but if they should join politics, they should try to separate politics from their business. Thousands of people depend on these businesses for their livelihood. If anything happens to the business, thousands of employees would be affected.

Today, EFCC is in town sealing off Orji Uzo Kalu’s businesses both the ones not affected by the courts ruling. Thousands of workers will be affected. Some people might argue that all the businesses were proceeds of crime. But if OUK’s activities as a politician were properly separated from his business, these employees affected by EFCC’s clamp down today could have been saved.

Ifeanyi Calistus
Director Of Information