Nigeria, The Deadliest Place To Become A Christian

By Ikenga Chronicles July 10, 2018

Some Christian children were recently murdered in their beds by suspected Fulani Herdsmen. This was revealed as International Human Rights advocate, Emmanuel Ogebe, called on the US Congress to appoint a special envoy to investigate the killing.

“Nigeria is now the deadliest place in the world to be a Christian,” explained Attorney Emmanuel Ogebe.

Fresh Attacks Zamfara Villages, Hundreds Displaced

“What we have is a genocide. They are trying to displace the Christians, they are trying to possess their land and they are trying to impose their religion on the so-called infidels and pagans who they consider Christians to be.”

From what we have been able to piece together, the husband and his pregnant wife, he tried to take her out of the house to safety and come back for the kids,” recalled Ogebe.

“But they ran into the herdsmen along the way and they shot him and his pregnant wife and they went into their home and they killed their four-year-old son and their six-year-old daughter who were asleep in their beds.”

Give Up Your Ancestral Lands For Cattle Colonies Or Face Death–Presidency Warns

He said the Muslim attackers also killed two relatives who were visiting the family during summer break.

“It’s happening more in the middle-belt of the country. The reason [is]simply because the Fulani herdsmen take their cattle into people’s farmlands, they eat their crops on the farm and when the people challenge them,before you know they respond with AK-47s,” he explained.

“Given what an AK-47 goes for, a Fulani herdsman would need to sell all of his cattle to be able to buy an AK-47.”

Ogebe said several theories exist about where the herdsmen are getting AK-47s and other small arms like mortars and grenades.

Fulani Herdsmen Were The Ones Killed In Plateau– Miyetti Allah

He explained that many arms became readily available as they spread throughout Africa following the fall of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi.

“But even more sinister is the fact that a lot of these cattle are owned by very rich Fulanis who are in government and who are in power. So, there is a strong belief that the Fulanis, the ruling elite are actually funding the herdsmen to conduct these attacks,” said Ogebe.

He said by pushing the Christians out, they can dominate Nigeria politically and physically in a land grab.

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