Nigeria: The Contradictions (Part 12)

By Ikenga Chronicles December 6, 2017

Nigeria: The Contradictions (Part 12)

— Baron Roy

There are about 30 ethnic groups in the South as compared to the over 200 ethnic groups in the North. With effective leadership, the North welded the disparate groups into a united political force that has completely overwhelmed the South. How did this happen? Lack of Leadership and cohesion in Southern Nigeria.

The North in the past 103 years, slowly but surely changed the population figures in broad daylight to favour them. They twisted the legislative figures to suit their needs, they refused the tenets of regionalism, federalism, regional autonomy, army recruitment as agreed upon in Aburi. The South did exactly NOTHING! The North supplanted federalism with a unitary system they control and the South did exactly NOTHING! How did this happen? Lack of leadership and cohesion in the South.

Over the past 103 years, the North as directed by the Caliphate, has completely took over the Security Apparatus of the country by providing over 75% of personnel in the military, in the police, in the DSS, in the judiciary, in EFCC, in NIA, everywhere! They post their people to the nooks and crannies in the South and have it completely SURROUNDED! We do not have our own people occupying their villages but they occupy ours! We are totally surrounded! We are weak and at the mercy of the Caliphate! They had this planned for over a century while we snored in oblivion!

The Caliphate has successfully molded the Nigerian polity in it’s own image and likeness for over a century with minimal opposition or political alternative from the South. They provided their brand of leadership as they know it, almost unchallenged. They have completely dominated ALL facets of national life from the Sahara to the Atlantic for over a century because the South has neither leadership nor cohesion. Where they are strategic, the amorphous South is reactionary! They are capable of making or breaking! They worked very hard to subjugate the South. They have NOTHING to fear!

Then the South, without cohesion nor leadership, awoke some 100 years later and inconsequential little pockets of nothing are demanding for equity and justice and throwing tantrums all over as some equals? I don’t think so!

How on earth could the South demand for equity from an obvious Master? We kept quiet for over a century while the Caliphate over-ran us! We have refused to organize and have a cohesive Southern political structure or leadership to at least balance the power of the Caliphate. Then we make naïve demands from a power bloc that has been entrenched for 150 years, and expect them to budge because we can throw tantrums? If I were the head of the Caliphate, why should I yield to the demands of a people I have completely subjugated, surrounded and subdued?

The South is now making demands from a 150-year entrenched hegemony that the South inadvertently made more powerful than they originally were! The truth is that the South is making demands from a very weak position. There’s no leadership nor cohesion. There’s no Southern cohesion nor unity. One cannot make demands of a very powerful foe from a position of obvious weakness. One cannot make demands without a common agenda or a united Southern or regional powerful political front!

What do we do?

(To be continued)

This piece is culled from the book Taming The Jungle by Baron Roy.