Nigeria Needs God’s Intervention During The Forthcoming Elections

By Ikenga Chronicles February 14, 2019

—Philip Odoemena,

I am not a Preacher, nor a Pastor. I am not even a Teacher. I am only the lover of the Word and a student of the Good News. Now that I have put down a disclaimer, let me get to the reason I am writing this piece.

A concerned citizen texted the following to me: 

“Joel 2:15:22….I just received…. I can’t do more than inform you…. It is urgent before elections…. It must be made public….please”

 Upon reading the content of the text, I said to myself, since the text informed that “it is urgent before elections’ and that “it must be made public….please”, at that point, I had no choice but to read Joel chapters 1 and 2 in their entirety, but zeroed more on Joel 2 verses 15 through 22.

In a nutshell, Prophet Joel described an event so singularly extreme that has not happened before, a warning to a nation about the dangers of turning away from God. Joel described the warning as an attack by invading army of locusts. He warned that when the devastation inflicted by these swarms of locusts is completed, there will be nothing left in the land. 

In order to avert the devastation, the prophet urged the people Judea to sanctify themselves, fast, and gather together to beg the Almighty God for mercy because the circumstances are calamitous.  

With all the atrocities going on in Nigeria in recent years, and in addition to the forthcoming elections, with a possible outcome that are already putting jittery to the nation, making people live on edge, are the next two days not the right time to “blow the trumpet in “Nigeria”?

Are the next two days  not the right time for the whole nation, Christians and Moslems, declare a holy fast, call a sacred assembly?. Is this not a high time to gather the people, consecrate assembly-in the Churches and Mosques, in the village squares and in our homes, bring together elders, children, men and women and plead with God to show mercy on His children?

Is this not the right time for all the hundreds and thousands of Nigerian priests, pastors, preachers, evangelists, imams, who minister to the Lord to weep between the entrance of the Churches and Mosques to the alter and pray to God to spare His people, avert potential calamity that may ensue during and after this period of elections?

Prophet Joel told the people of Judea to “blow the trumpet in Zion; sound the alarm on my holy hill. Let all who live in the land tremble, for the day of the LORD is coming and that the day is close at hand”.

None of us today is Prophet Joel and probably may not have one like him anytime soon to urge Nigerians to do what he told the people of Judea, in spite of that, we all need to blow the trumpet, fast, and pray, call on the holy God to intervene so that the outcome of the elections will not bring a day of darkness and gloom to the Nigerian nation, a day of clouds and blackness to His people. 

In Joel’s prophesy, he captured the depth of the dearth, devastation and the urgency of the moment. Indeed, the urgency of the moment in Nigeria is NOW. Two days to the election, Nigeria can still call on God to intervene, if not, God’s judgment will bring scarcity, destruction, pain, wailing, fire, and drought. Death cannot be far behind. Only a return to God and beg for His mercy and His subsequent compassion can fix such a dire situation Nigeria and Nigerians are facing now.

Like I wrote earlier, I am not a Pastor, nor a Preacher. I am not even a Teacher. I am only the lover of the Word and a student of the Good News. May God help us all.

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