Nigeria: A Nation Soaked In The Blood Of Innocents

By Ikenga Chronicles January 8, 2018

Nigeria: A Nation Soaked In The Blood Of Innocents

2018 began on very tragic notes for Nigeria. While about 23 innocent people were slaughtered in Omoku, Rivers State, in a manner that is reminiscent of the October 2017 Las Vegas shooting, in Benue and Kaduna States, terrorist herdsmen also unleashed mayhem on innocent citizens, with more than 60 persons slaughtered. It did appear that within the first 2-3 days of 2018, about 100 innocent Nigerians were mindlessly slaughtered. Their crime? Well, living in a country where a number of forces had combined to make the life of a human being equal(and in some cases lower) than the life of cattle.

About a decade ago, few people would have believed that the Omoku shooting could happen in Nigeria. What happened in Omoku was something many Nigerians had come to believe is only obtainable in America( and maybe some parts of Europe), where over-pampered children and adults become so entitled that in a bid to gain attention, they slaughter fellow human beings for fun. In 2018, not only did it happen in Nigeria, but as history has shown, it set the stage for such occurrences becoming a pattern in the near future.This is because, in Nigeria, once a pattern emerges, it is wont to be copied, and replicated many times.

Thankfully, security agencies swung into action quickly and in a matter of days, the alleged mastermind of the Omoku attack, Don Waney, and two of his boys were killed. That should serve as a deterrent to others who habour plans of replicating such dastardly act.

What is disturbing however is that while the government exhibited the will to immediately bring the perpetrators of the Omoku killings to book, not much has been done about the killings in Benue and Kaduna. In fact, not too long after those killings, Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari was in Kaduna. Somehow, Mr. President did not deem it necessary to visit Southern Kaduna, neither did he feel it was necessary to go to Benue to commiserate with the people, who have become constant victims of the blood thirst of the herdsmen terrorists. This is a pattern that has become part of how the President treats the issue of the attacks by the herdsmen, who are predominantly Fulani, like him.

One would have thought that considering the huge casualty figures of the herdsmen attacks, the Nigerian Federal Government would have shown a stronger political will to tackle the menace and save its citizen from the hands of these terrorists who slaughter innocent citizens with glee.Somehow, this is not to be so, thus prompting the general feeling in the country that the attacks have the backing( through inaction) of the government.

Be that as it may, the number of innocent Nigerians being slaughtered weekly has grown to alarming levels. Even though the country is not at war, the blood of innocents continue to soak its land while the government mostly does nothing about it. Something has to be done and done quickly, to check this, otherwise, the country may degenerate to a state of anarchy.