Nigeria: The Contraption That No Longer Works

By Ikenga Chronicles October 2, 2017

Nigeria: The Contraption That No Longer Works

As Nigeria clocked 57 yesterday, mixed reactions held sway. While some felt there was a reason to celebrate, others felt that what was more appropriate was for protests to be staged, with people openly displaying their distaste for the country.

In the South East of the country especially, so many people looked at the observation of a public holiday in “celebration” of Nigeria’s independence as a travesty. Naturally then, the usual chant of “happy independence day” was greeted with retorts about how there is no country called Nigeria any longer.

Be that as it may, what is immediately striking is that deep schisms are all over the country. In various regions, there are separate calls for a change from the status quo. Whether the change will come in the form of restructuring or secession, is what mainly divides opinions.

Yet there is still a tiny class of people, who insists that the country must continue to exist exactly the way it. For this last class of Nigerians, what seems to push them is the desire to continue to milk the centre dry given that they have no idea of how to survive without the proceeds from other parts of the country.They are the ones now holding the country to ransom.

What every sensible person easily deduces from the myriad conflicts in the country is that Nigeria is not working. Therefore, something has to be urgently done to rectify the situation. What ultimately will be the solution to the deepening schism in the country? That is the hard question that Nigerian leaders must now ask themselves, and painstakingly figure out an answer that works.

As Nigeria celebrates her 57th independence anniversary, it should be a time for genuine reflections on what must be urgently done. As it is, the country is not working, and something has to be done, and quickly too.