Nigeria: The Contradictions (Part 37)

By Ikenga Chronicles January 14, 2018

Nigeria: The Contradictions (Part 37)

— Baron Roy

(The Southern Solutions)

The ability of a region to project her desires on the national stage and obtain fair results is a direct consequence of its regional structure, organization and quality of leaders. The Northern Region has had an enviable organizational structure that has served its purposes very well. The leadership of that structure is the very basis of the cabal known as the Caliphate.

The Northern Region consists of Emirates or Emirate Councils. Each Emirate is equivalent to a province. All Emirates are answerable to the Khalif or the Sultan. There are the Kano Emirate Council, Adamawa, Bauchi, Misau, Hadejia, etc. These Emirate Councils are actually provinces devoid of the statism of the artificial entities created by the military. The Caliphate alongside its Emirates, are NOT subservient to the states; they control the artificial states. In fact, they use the states as a tool of enhancement! Each Emirate Council is complete with District Heads (Angwar Sariki) equivalent to Mayors in a municipality. There are Palace guards and Hisbah police to keep the security (equivalent to Metro police). They have the Grand Khadi (Chief Judge). The Emirate Council determines the approval for markets, mosques, etc and demand from the minions in the artificial government houses what they need done. The Emirates view the states as a necessary evil to enhance their structure.

The Northern Region at the behest of the Emirates, opened a School of Administration where they train their officials. They get the best materials through the Karatun (Islamic Schools) and through the conventional schools and train them there. They are exposed to serious political, religious and administrative indoctrinations (brainwashing?) to prepare them for public service (Caliphate but federal). Through the School of Administration, they study the Nigerian System and others and carry out comparative analysis on how this benefits the United Arewa Emirates (UAE) within the Nigeria System. They decide long term on what courses to be studied and how the placement of their wards would be. Have you wondered how we have more judges of Northern origins or more Northerners in the Ministry of Works? They did not do anything untoward in all honesty; they planned long term and the dividends are paying off. They have more people in administration, human resources, legal, works, accounts and agriculture! My dear Southerners, they moderate the courses studied by their wards that are relevant in a developing economy! Southerners study Petroleum, Metaphysic, Physiology, Aeronautics, Cloud Computing, Encryption Technology, and other courses that are hardly marketable in the 3rd world. They get the relevant requirements for a 3rd world, and get the relevant jobs. The Southerner gets the exotic degree for a 1st world, then comes over for a 3rd world job. He’s simply not qualified, thank you very much!

The United Arewa Emirates led by the Khalif, is a thriving region within a country! They have made “modern” Nigeria work for them. The Southerner is clueless.

There is no structure or ordered form in the South. This organized country behind a country with a powerful government is what little pockets of energy in the South try to throw tantrums at? Hilarious!!!

Organic Restructuring of the South is recommended to mirror exactly the North. The South already has the necessary ingredients of a regionalized government as we have up North. The vestiges of the destroyed Monarchies in the South still remains. The tribal nations are still here. They have pressure groups and ethnic unions. With organic reforms, each ethnic group must form a Provincial Council.

A provincial council would be on language basis. The Urhobos/Isokos could have a provincial council based on language. Here, the various pressure and sociocultural groups devolve into the council membership complete with a constitution that reflect the needs of the 21st century. The chairman of council could be called a councillor. Intellectuals and philosopher kings are sent into the council. Each member of the council shall have a portfolio from finance to security to commerce. This council now gets a direction for its province, pursue economic and development issues, obtain bulk licenses for radio and television stations, modular refineries, power generation, etc and reallocate to designated firms in the province or beyond. The provincial council shall help organize the communities into municipalities, and help to train quality materials for leadership and administration. They shall now be the voice of the people, and negotiate with governors, etc to further the enhancement of the Urhobo/Isokos. Not as a social group of tired, old jokers but as a serious entity doing the business of developing its people. They shall have a provincial parliament (these are actually in palaces at the moment but require retooling for the 21st century). The Urhobo & Isoko Progress Unions could do this.

Now imagine this template being implemented by Yoruba, Igbo, Ogoni, Efik, Izon, etc across Southern Nigeria as provincial councils. With each council operating like an Emirate…or an Emirate of Dubai, giving real leadership and development to the citizens. Churning out economic indices on a daily basis and tracking progress. Where the municipalities are thriving and no one is dependent on monthly allocations or fighting the federal government!

The Ohaneze and IPOB could easily redirect their energy into the Igbo or South East Provincial Council. We could easily have the Calabar Provincial Council. Where the major thrust of the councils would be the organization of the municipalities! And run the councils as the old kingdoms with a modern outlook.

Now, imagine the different provincial councils across Southern Nigeria, coming together with the leadership of the various Provincial Councils coming together to form a Southern Peoples Council with a parliamentary leadership with the function of the interregional cooperation and progress. Imagine the SPC now being the voice of Southern Nigeria complete with secretaries for various departments from finance, legal, works, etc. Imagine the modern approach to local levies and the generation of wealth for development. We would have succeeded in reorganising the polity despite the “British” arrangement. We would have gotten people off the streets, NDA, IPOB, OPC, MEND would be more involved in the municipal and provincial governments for people emancipation. The cooperation of the Southern Provincial Councils would give a voice to the people. The perceived weakness of the South in the face of the Northern behemoth would have receded. The elusive development would be closer. This is the crux of the organic reforms!

In the municipal, provincial and regional arrangement, the competition among the ethnic groups would be less a tension as everyone reports to a provincial parliament and there are no allocations to share. Every provincial council would have to depend on the ability of her people to generate wealth, and they must provide that direction, and protect them from the worst bites of the northern hordes!

The pushback of the Fulani Herdsmen would be a natural fallout; with organized provincial councils based on language, the cattle business is simply taken away from the killer herdsmen by the Province…set up cattle ranches all over the province, and modern meat processing outfits.

A major advantage of reorganising ourselves this way would be the disappearance of most pressure groups; the Provincial Councils would be the voice of the people alongside the SPC. We would no longer have our youths exposed to the bullet-spraying hordes in uniforms but have a strong voice to confront the Sahelian on a more equal footing.

This is exactly what the Caliphate does; we are only learning from them. Reorganize, we must. Let’s quit waiting for the federal government. Let’s leave the oil and allocations alone (at least for now) and concentrate on reorganization of the Southern Region in order to bring development and hope to her citizens.

No one would do it for us. Ohaneze, Afenifere, IPOB, OPC, MEND, NSDSM, over to you. Now, show your leadership and give us these organic reforms!

(To be continued)