Nigeria: The Contradictions (Part 36)

By Ikenga Chronicles January 13, 2018

Nigeria: The Contradictions (Part 36)

— Baron Roy

(The Southern Solutions)

Over the past 35 chapters, we have explored the history of Nigeria from 1804 till “independence” and beyond. We have established the contradictions in the polity and why we are lagging behind in all facets of human development. We have rightly situated the fault as the failure of the South to organize, unite and provide leadership to her people and engender development. We have established that the North runs amok on the polity because they were handed the leadership of the country by the unwillingness of the South to act responsibly. And we have recommended Organic Restructuring as an intellectual means of retooling the South and probably, have a positive effect on the rest of the country.

Recall that despite the loud calls for structural reforms, the establishment has totally refused to accede to the demands of the people. Should we blame those who refuse to see that the current structure has seriously eroded the so-called unity of Nigeria, and has resulted in the birth of several pressure groups, eroded the economic competitiveness of the country and has sent more than 50% of the population into abject poverty? The negative effects of the current structure is the root of stringent calls for secession, of terrorist activities of the Boko Haram and the herdsmen, of the activities of the Niger Delta Avengers, MEND and many others.

The caliphate-backed federal government erroneously assume they could take on the various armed groups in mortal combat on various fronts, then visit death on others in order to shut them down. Sadly, they cannot; similar situations all over the world in the course of history has shown that a society is progressively weakened from the inside when the holders of power apply power to intimidate and subdue. In the long run, the policy of the federal government not to accede to the demand would backfire. We are unable to model the impact of the catastrophe, but we are certain from our analysis, that it would happen, and probably earlier than expected.

A philosopher once said that it is a calamity for good men to remain silent in the face of a great moral crisis. With the numerous researches carried out in the course of this work, it has become a great moral burden to share aspects of this work and proffer acceptable solutions where possible.

The North has demonstrated their absolute disdain for Structural Reforms; they are satisfied with the current structure, and it is their right. The South is dissatisfied with the status quo, and as a result, numerous pressure groups and others have basically destabilized the unity and development in the South. Southerners have been most fixated on battling the federal government. In actual fact, Southerners have been battling the Caliphate by proxy.

The result of the prolonged battles has been one huge colossal failure! It has not yielded one single fruit! Yet, the various groups have continued to lock horns with the Caliphate hoping that something would give. The North has remained resolute in ignoring the South, destabilizing them and at times, visit Pythons and Crocodiles on them leading to several unnecessary deaths. It is surprising that the numerous pockets of energy still believe that this method of shellacking the North would work! It has not worked in 60 years; it is unlikely to work! What then is the point of employing the same strategy over and over again, getting the same result? We are just throwing ineffectual tantrums! We give our people false hopes and waste their time. It is time to rethink the strategy and get some good results. Let’s drop the tantrums, hate speeches and blame games. Let us quit blaming the North and seriously critique our model to ascertain where we get it wrong. Herein comes Organic Restructuring.

Organic Restructuring is a model of structural reforms that is based on the will of the people to change their situation, by organizing the communities. Organic Restructuring does not confront the federal government but rather, enables the people to rule their destinies. The various pressure groups in the South would get better results organising the communes. Organic Restructuring would start at the local level devoid of violence or ineffectual rhetorics; where leaders shall be made and developments shall be engendered, where accountability shall be inbuilt and the re-organization of the structures would be a natural fallout. Organic Restructuring is the way to go! The South needs to get down to work and quit the tantrums already!

(To be continued)