Nigeria: The Contradictions (Part 15)

By Ikenga Chronicles December 7, 2017

Nigeria: The Contradictions (Part 15)

— Baron Roy

So we have managed to create a country whose government is not responsible to the citizens at all levels. The government at all levels are capable of existing without the citizens! We have created a country where the Judiciary is actually nominated and paid directly by the Executive!

The average citizen is disenchanted with the government at any level! The citizen is constrained to be subservient to the government, only because the government has made itself the ONLY money tree. The government at all levels in Nigeria does absolutely nothing for the citizen. The citizen is expected to be grateful to the government for getting paid his salary (if the government is inclined to pay his salary in the first place). The citizen has been castrated, defeated, beaten and at odds with whatever government and at whatever level. In truth, the Nigerian Citizen is better off without the government.

The government in Nigeria is not responsive as a result of the structure the Caliphate forced on us. The major achievement of the structure is the propagation of misery and poverty– disenchantment. A colossal waste of the destiny of nations. We have created a jungle, an evil forest of wildlife filled with preys and the predators. It is everyman to himself, and God for us all.

But the predators in the Northern half of this jungle are benefitting from this morass. They throw a few crumbs to some semi-predators in the South to keep them happy and have them control the teeming populace of preys and tiny predators.

The South is a giant ghetto!

The Southerners tend to see the semi-predators as the leaders. No! There are no leaders in the South. The aim of the government is the welfare of the citizens! The head of a government that provides welfare for its citizens is a LEADER! The South doesn’t care for its citizens! The South has had no leaders since forever.

The current structure of the compartmentalization of the South into States and Local Governments has failed spectacularly, and rightly so. The creation of states and local governments was carried out by military fiat and not organic. People of different cultures and modes of governance have been lumped together to forcefully create a homogeneity. Homogeneity ought to come by some natural evolution and not by fiat. Local governments have been created with the adverse result of destroying governance of the villages, towns and cities in Southern Nigeria. The government at the centre further compounded their misery by removing their sources of livelihoods and legislating every single aspect of their existence from Abuja. Every month, they throw some cowrie shells their way for sustenance; just enough to keep them from starving, but never enough to pull them out of misery. They call it allocation! Erstwhile well-to-do enclaves down South promptly became huge ghettos of the semi-condemned.

Governance has been totally destroyed at the grassroots level that is closest to the citizen. The citizen is left to fend for himself and forage among the detritus in search of subsistence. The citizen lives a notch just above wild animals.

The destruction of direct governance and autonomy has led to formerly prosperous people seeking for bread. Calabar was a bustling medieval city that controlled maritime in the sub-region pre-1850. Warri, Abuloma, Epe and Badagary were bustling maritime cities with huge trade within the sub-region that enriched their citizens. Benin was an industrial centre that controlled the Brass and Iron-making industries. In fact, Benin was so rich that the Portuguese Government had an ambassador in Benin by the 17th Century. Lokoja was known for ceramics, Arochukwu was exporting beads, and so much more. Erstwhile proud and prosperous cities, civilizations and people in Southern Nigeria were castrated, defeated and turned into beggars in their ancestral lands. Apartheid had been established in our own land!

There had been a large outcry for restructuring. The Caliphate holds the aces and has blatantly refused to grant the restructuring. The comedians and court-jesters called governors, Rep members and Senators we have in the South (semi-predators) are so satisfied with the crumbs they collect from their Caliphate masters that they are unwilling to topple the applecart and rescue their people in the South. The Southerners are generally disenchanted, and the educated and enlightened folks among us are protecting their little achievements and are unwilling to argue with the establishment either. What has been the result?

The obvious result has been that the most cheated in the Southern society band together to torpedo the status quo. MASSOB, IPOB, OPC, Egbesu, NDA, RONDEL, etc were born. And trust me, they’ve got followers in tens of millions. They are providing the kind of leadership that had been missing in the South. The leadership of most of those organizations are not regulated by the elders, the enlightened or the educated. It is amorphous, maverick and responsible to no government. It is a time bomb just waiting to explode, and the explosion would have devastating effects on Africa and the world!

We have no interest in losing lives and properties, neither do we have any interest in antagonising a belligerent Caliphate that would as well nuke us should they have the means to. The overriding interest here is the welfare of the people, the welfare of the Southerner–peace, development and the guarantee of the people to life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

This structure is not working for the Southerner. And the Caliphate has refused to budge. It is time to go back to 1897. An organic restructuring is proposed for the Southerner; the formation of a self-government that would provide succour to its citizens; an organically built cultural and regional government that would satisfy the aspirations of the people, unencumbered by the limitations of the Nigerian State.It should NOT be in conflict with the Nigerian State. A regional government that would be the pride of everyone. A regional government that would directly balance that of the Caliphate, and provide direction to the Southerner. With unity, focus and dedication, we can do it. Not to antagonise the federal government, but in the pursuit of happiness!

To be continued

This piece is culled from the book Taming The Jungle by Baron Roy.