Nigeria: The Contradictions (Part 14)

By Ikenga Chronicles December 6, 2017

Nigeria: The Contradictions (Part 14)

— Baron Roy

A study of the space called Nigeria has revealed that we are engrossed in a low-level, high intensity war that is being fought with ferocious determination. The war did NOT commence in 1967 neither did it end in 1970. The War has been on and raging with unyielding intensity. While most Western countries and the Caliphate are well aware we have been at War, the Southern part of Nigeria has been oblivious to this fact!

We’ve established the complicity of the British in ensuring Caliphate rule, we have also established the fact of the dominance of the Caliphate by destroying the organic governance structure of the South…and the attendant devastating effect on not only the South, not only Nigeria but West Africa!

A big and beautiful Nigeria is good. But there’s nothing good nor beautiful in having a country in obvious contradictions; a country in perpetual conflict with itself. A country that has at least two very distinct countries in it. A country where one is subconsciously identified as either a Northerner or a Southerner even before the establishment of tribe! A country where the North and the South are direct opposites with very few points of convergence!

What’s the use in having a country whereby the Northerner recognizes citizens of Niger or Mali as his brother than he would accept a Southerner as his? What’s the point in having a country where the Southerner feels more at home with a Cameroonian or Togolese than with a Northerner?

We talk about graduate unemployment; how many graduates of Northern origins have you seen unemployed? Graduate unemployment is a malady of the South! Only in “One Nigeria”!

We talk about “One Nigeria”, “the Unity of Nigeria is not negotiable” and other high-sounding phrases…yes, those sound cool but are we united when we seek to completely ruin one another? A country where the Caliphate is prepared to burn all unless he’s in power? Where all important positions of government must be the birthright of the Caliphate? Where the North refuses to agree to restructuring in order to make the polity more equitable and the country more competitive?

Yes, Ironsi illegally cancelled the 1963 Constitution, but the Caliphate has perpetuated the fraud called Unitary Government. The South knows that by International Law, the 1963 Constitution is the only legal document governing Nigeria. But what has the South done about it? We meekly accepted the fraudulent 1979 and 1999 constitutions even while realising they are illegal! We have helped to confer legality on illegality, then we turn around to complain that the country is not working? Hello, nothing built on illegality works properly!

We screamed and complained bitterly that the Northerners in PDP betrayed GEJ? For goodness sake, what did we expect? The Caliphate said they did not want, and what would the Northerner do? The Caliphate rules, dude!
We complain about APC and Buhari? Hello, Buhari is just obeying the policies of the Caliphate! In the eyes of many Northerners, Buhari and APC are doing a great job!

We have not built a country; we have built a War Zone of two entities with totally opposite ideals. And I blame neither the North nor the British for this malady. I absolutely blame Southern Nigeria! Yes! The South is the problem!

The South kept silent while the British destroyed its governance structure. The South kept mute when the British divided Southern Nigeria in 1939 to East and West while leaving the North monolithic. The South kept mum when the British tweaked the population figures to suit the North. The South kept quiet when “Independent Nigeria” was handed over to the Caliphate. The South did NOTHING when the Caliphate refused to reinstate the 1963 Constitution, the South did NOTHING when the Caliphate used the opportunity of Biafra to overrun the country. The South did NOTHING while the Military, Police, Judiciary, ministries, departments and agencies were completely taken over by the Caliphate! We sat back, spoke big grammar and rationalized while the Caliphate molded the entity called Nigeria in its own image and likeness. Then they started spewing and implementing despicable policies that are of value to less than 1million people in a population of 180million then we started complaining? Seriously?

In all fairness, with the refusal of the South to organize itself, provide an agenda, have a recognizable political and leadership structure, did we expect the Caliphate North or the British to wait for us while we slept?

We were unimaginative, unserious and unready. The Caliphate, with the help of the British simply filled-in the blank spaces! We asked to be dominated, and the Caliphate simply obliged us!

The North is not the problem; the South is!!!

(…to be continued)

This piece is culled from the book Taming The Jungle by Baron Roy.