Nigeria: The Contradictions (Part 13)

By Ikenga Chronicles December 6, 2017

Nigeria: The Contradictions (Part 13)

— Baron Roy

We have established that the British were instrumental in keeping Nigeria weak and fractured. We have established that they had Direct Rule in the South and Indirect Rule in the North. We have established that they employed the Hausa Language as a language of instruction in the North and English in the South. We have also established that the British ensured the organic leadership in the South was destroyed while that of the Caliphate was nurtured. How the British helped to keep the South weak and fractured, how they encouraged the North not to dialogue and how they ensured the two different parts of the country are in continuous turmoil while employing all manners of evil excuses to keep us as a SINGLE nation, have all been established!

But what was the purpose of the British in keeping us united yet divided? Why would the British encourage its “independent” colony to be in continuous turmoil while it serves as an important economic agent to the British Empire?

The answer: Economically Strategic.

Do you think Nigeria ever really “fought” for independence? Why would the British allow a strategic colony like Nigeria have independence so easily? Its crown jewel that provides cheap and ready resources for the British economy? The British needed the resources from Nigeria and its other colonies without the baggage of having to administer them. It would seemingly give them “independence”, procure the respect of the international community while keeping a tight control on the ” independent” colonies using the “indirect rule” system of internal and international proxies. With the continued control of the colonies, the British keep their economy running smoothly and efficiently with the resources of the colonies.

So how is that done?

To retain control of its “independent” colonies, they need to keep them weak, fractured, subservient and too busy fighting that they would never have time sufficient to develop their economy and stop the flow of resources to the British Isles.

With the policy of economic control in mind, the British moulded the development and economic model of the Nigerian Colony to be a supplier of cheap goods to Britain while retaining a ready market for their manufactured goods. The British dominated the Nigerian space by turning us into net exporters of cashew, cocoa, guinea corn, palm nuts, timber, cotton, iron ore, tin, crude oil, etc. They ensured the process is smooth and creates sufficient job opportunities in the colonies to keep us subservient while ensuring their own industries run smoothly. They ensure we don’t have sufficient industries to compete with theirs; they control the quantity and pricing of the commodities; they establish controls to keep the “independent” colonies on a leash; they ensure the colonies domicile their accounts in Britain and pay up in pounds and dollars; they tie the economies of the colonies to theirs and feast to their hearts’ content on the economies of the “independent” colonies. With this, the future of Britain is assured.

The only way to ensure the continuous flow of free groove to Britain is to keep Nigeria fractured and weak. The other Western powers can do little to help any “independent” colony because they are practising EXACTLY the same elsewhere!

So for those wondering why the British encouraged lopsidedness, amalgamated two different countries, cavort with the Southerners and consort with the Caliphate, encouraged belligerence in the North and irrationality in the South, discouraged the Aburi Accord and all tenets of rapprochement and encouraged a war, there you are! For the British to sustain their economy, their “independent” colonies, including Nigeria, must pick the bills. And to ensure the bills are paid, we must remain weak, fractured and divided while the British and their Western acolytes must ensure we are “united”! It is the perfect fraud!

The Caliphate on its part, adopted the British system to milk the South, while the British milks everyone else. Do you wonder why the British and other Western powers keep cavorting with the North and do exactly NOTHING about the obvious carnage? Because the North is helping them ensure that Nigeria keeps feeding the British economy.

To keep Nigeria weak and fractured, the population figures were changed, the North was propped over the South, Biafra was defeated, Military Rule was sustained, the Boko Haram saga was nurtured, the Fulani Herdsmen are nurtured, the Western nations helped APC, GEJ was removed for knowing too much and trying to set the country free, Awolowo was opposed, and so much more.

With the inadvertent help of the Caliphate, the oil industry, commerce, manufacturing, governance, etc are under the control of foreigners either on ground or by proxy. We have been unable to do much for ourselves. We do not know how much oil we produce or how gold is exported. We have been deliberately kept as a basket-case because that’s exactly how they want it!

For those who depend on Western powers, UN or EU to help with the secession of a Biafra or a Niger Delta Republic, dream on! It is in their interest that we remain miserable, for in our misery, their prosperity is assured!

Until the South mentally breaks free, the whole country shall remain in perpetual misery. The South must engender leadership NOW!

(To be continued)

This piece is culled from the book Taming The Jungle by Baron Roy.