Nigeria Air: As You Dance, Remember The Ogoni Clean Up Party–Nnaemeka Oruh

By Ikenga Chronicles July 19, 2018

Nigeria Air: As You Dance, Remember The Ogoni Clean Up Party–Nnaemeka Oruh

Ebube D Statesman wrote on Twitter;

Nigeria Air ✈

New name for Relegation troubled Nigerian Airways
New Owners of the club are unknown
New Manager is unknown
No Single player(Jet) has been signed
No Stadium (office)

But they have already started a huge Carnival and Trophy Parade around the city.

His views captured exactly my mood as I watched bemused, at all of the jubilations going on among the loyalists of President Muhammadu Buhari since the name, slogan, logo, and colours of Nigeria’s PLANNED national carrier were unveiled on Wednesday, in London.The key word here being “planned”.

If you go by the jubilations and several comments like “What PDP killed in 16years, PMB[President Muhammadu Buhari] has resurrected in three years”, one would think that Nigeria’s national carrier has just begun operations!

Yet, there are no airplanes purchased yet; no staff recruited; no office building procured; in fact, as at today, we do not even know who(if indeed there are) the owners(government we were told will only own 5% of it)are!

Nigerians Are Ready To Save Nigeria From Buhari’s Incompetent Hands—Obasanjo

But, let us dance ourselves dizzy!

Which reminds me of a few other things that went the way of this announcement.

The first was the announcement by President Buhari immediately he took over, that he would commence the clean up of Ogoniland. In fact so ecstatic were Ogoni people that they began to taunt Goodluck Jonathan with the saying; “Who is your brother?”. My very good friend Dum Syl Aminikpo was so happy and sure that the clean up will be carried out that he posted on Facebook; “ Thank you President Buhari. What Jonathan could not do in five years, you have done in less than a month”.

And as if the government was genuinely serious, in the middle of 2016, they carried out a very elaborate “Ogoni clean up flagoff”. Three years after that announcement by Buhari, and two years after the epic flagoff, Ogoniland is still massively polluted! In fact, most of those who celebrated then only hiss now when you ask them how the clean up is going!

A National Carrier And Its Slogan Gaffe–Dum Syl Aminikpo

But the Buhari administration announced quite early in its life that it is a government that does more of the media razzmatazz than getting actual work done. This announcement came, when in December 2015, a little over six months after Buhari came to power, he sent his Minister of Information, Mr. Lai Mohammed to announce to Nigerians that Boko Haram(the deadly terrorist group) had been defeated! Again, people took to the social media streets(and actual streets), dancing and playing their vuvuzelas while praising Buhari to the high heavens. Over two thousand dead Nigerians have since learnt the hard way that the defeat of Boko Haram only happened in media circles.

Which is why I worry again about the razzmatazz that is following the unveiling of the name, logo, colour, and slogan of our national carrier. Might we wait some more and celebrate when we actually see Nigeria Air begin operations?


  • Nnaemeka Oruh is the author of In Memoriam of a Modest Shame
  • Image Credit: Stanley Nwabia