Never let Love Tame the Wild out of You

By Ikenga Chronicles January 21, 2018

Never let Love Tame the Wild out of You

Between moments of tender embraces and evenings falling asleep warm against another, it sometimes feels as though our wildness within can become silenced.

There are those who rebel against this world—who rebel against the “I have to do it this way…” and the “I shoulds”—just because we are brave enough to dream of a world we haven’t yet experienced. One in which we don’t need titles to know love, and where we don’t need rings in order to know it’s forever.

We’ve built ourselves up, out of the murky waters of trepidation and the fleeting seconds of letting down others, when we just couldn’t swallow normality in all of her bland taste. Not because we want to be difficult; rather, we choose to be different—and it’s that ideal that sung us to sleep all of the nights we went to bed alone.

It was within the space of not having a lover that we all pledged to never be tamed again. We cast our eyes sideways at all those dreaming of a diamond and a big, white wedding—knowing that in the end none of that guarantees happiness. None of it promises true love.

We are the wild ones.

We are the ones who keep everyone wondering just what we’re going to do next. We live without regard for fitting in, and we follow the call of the moon, which tempts us into the uncharted waters of following our own soul.

We wake with the effervescent sunrise brilliant in her amethyst beauty, and we give thanks for another day to try our best, to shake up this world like a child’s snow globe, knowing it has the possibility to just be beautiful.

The wild ones—the breaths of fresh air that streak through this…

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