My Village Is For Sale For N3M–Chinonso Nnabuike

By Ikenga Chronicles May 19, 2017

My Village Is For Sale For N3M–Chinonso Nnabuike

My village is for sale for N3million, and it is actually available to anybody who can pay N150,000 a year for twenty-three years. I mean, if you have N150,000 now, my village people would have sold the entire village’s farmland of over 600 hectares to you! That is how much we love giving away our commonwealth.

Well, that was until some people with their stupid intelligence decided that those interested in buying the village were trying to rip us off. Imagine, N150,000 per year for 20years (with three years for free), and those people have the audacity to complain? I mean, a whole N150,000 per year for a meagre 600 hectares of land, and those people had the right to come and throw spanners in the works.

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The deal was almost closed sef. A group of very “intelligent” men (even though over 75% of them did not finish Primary six), who were acting as the leaders of the community had found a way to confuse people and even threaten others into signing a concocted agreement, handing over the land to a hurriedly put together and unregistered company. Where it got very interesting is that the so-called “intelligent” leaders of the community were actually Directors in the concocted company! So it was a case of the left hand, handing over what belongs to the entire body to the right hand. To make it clearer, it is like Donald Trump, buying America for Trump Ventures! And you say that going to school is the mark of intelligence? I mean, most of these men did not even finish Primary school, and they were that smart! Chai! My village oo!

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I nearly forgot! Did I explain that throughout the process of getting the so called agreement signed, that prominent people within the community repeatedly called, asking for a copy of the agreement, but the “intelligent” people orchestrating the evil plan made sure that anybody who could discern the plans they had never saw the so called agreement? So in a very smart hush hush way, they nearly stole the entire village for themselves for N150,000 a year!

N150,000 a year was a bargain for my village people, you know. We are taking about a community of “blind” and “stupid” people, right? Never mind that her sons occupy some of the most strategic positions in the country. One is even in the House of Representatives, another was a Presidential aspirant in the 2015 elections in the Nigeria. But forget all of that, and remember that N150,000 a year was a gift to the poor village, or so the “intelligent” people thought.


Well, the “stupid” people in my village finally woke up sha, and in a move that would have been called them smart, swept away the “intelligent” muppets called leaders, and installed a new one. The new ones then found a way to terminate the so called agreement, which in the first place was littered with falsehood and evil schemes. So now, my village was not sold for N3,000,000 again! What a wawu! If these people had not stopped them, maybe, I would have gotten stuck in Texas, since I will not have a village to go back to!

I heard though that the evil leaders, who misled a group of young men from my village, to attempt to buy the village for N3million have not stopped. They are busy scheming on how to continue, and I am here wishing my hands can get long enough so that I can wrap it around somebody’s neck!

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But, I am seated in this Pub now, digesting this, and wondering, what if these evil people were not stopped? How could a set of people who are also from this same village habour such evil for their own people? Then it occurred to me that these people are not really from my village. They deserve to be exiled from that village, and even imprisoned for being that criminal minded.

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My village is Obuohia Obi-Ibere in Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State Nigeria. My village was for sale for only N3million Naira, to be paid in yearly installments of N150,000! And this evil was concocted by people who say they are sons of this village.

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