My Love

By Ikenga Chronicles June 1, 2018

My Love

For those in the dilemma of separation and divorce

I remember you this day
How you left me alone in the way
Not a word or even a good bye smile
To take me farther beyond this mile,
Leaving my soul to wander endlessly
In hot sands of love-desert ceaselessly
Hoping to be calmed by your sight again
Holding each other no longer in pain

The good times, jokes, puzzles and riddles
We all once passed through as fiddles
Could I but recall them all now
I will gladly show you how
It will play my soul a melodious song
In harmony than the sound of the gong
How I wish we never ever met
The separation I couldn’t bet
The gap continues to widen and deepen
Patiently waiting to be filled by you
I know someday that the whirlwind of life
Will somehow blow us as husband and wife
I have my life in yours and yours in mine
Forever we’ll live to eat and dine.

  • A Poem by Uche Anyanwagu