My Govt. Is Not “Come And Chop”– Gov. Umahi

By Ikenga Chronicles July 12, 2019

My Govt. Is Not “Come And Chop”– Gov. Umahi

The Governor of Ebonyi state, Dave Umahi, has stated that a lot of people are jostling for different political positions in his administration.

The Governor made the disclosure on Thursday, July 11, at the Government House in Abakaliki, during the swearing-in of the newly appointed Head of Service and Senior Special Assistants, 

Umahi said many people in the state were interested in “juicy political appointments”.

According to the governor, following the placement of an advert, over 10,000 indigenes had applied for the different positions.

He, however, stressed that his government is “come and work not come and chop”, and that those who perform below expectation would be shown the way out.

He said: “I am told that we have over 10,000 applications for commissioners, SAs, and SSAs. This is in fact troubling and doesn’t give me joy at all.

“What is trending in Ebonyi state is no longer I want to be coordinator, TA or STA. It is I want to be SSA or SA. Everybody wants to come as SA, as SSA. They don’t even know the meaning of SA or SSA and it is very unfortunate.

“But let me make this bad news, if I am making more SSAs and SAs, it may not be up to 10 percent of what I have appointed. It is my opinion that we should find something doing not just appointments.

“My commissioners will come last. I want to let them know that this job can be done without anybody. My former commissioners started a very bad trend. Everyday, they are discussing the governor, going from one office to another.

“They were going about saying that they were not being given anything and not taken care of. If I get complaints again, I will get rid of that person.

“Anybody we will appoint now, we will tell the person, ‘this is not come and chop, it is come and work’. So, from day one, if you do not want to sacrifice to work for the people, you better go and look for another opportunity.

“If I get anybody complaining there is no money, I will get rid of the person. This is no longer going to be a gossip workshop; people are called to work.

“This is not the era of coming with files. You have to create wealth. Let’s look beyond the money we get.”