My Friend Is Gone!

By Ikenga Chronicles January 5, 2019

My Friend Is Gone!

–Vitus Ozoke

Isn’t Christmas supposed to be beautiful?
Journey from Miami to motherland delightful? 
Thousand stressful miles made blissful? 
And host of heavens joyful?
Why? Why? Why turn joyful to dreadful?

Why is he not coming back?
Why is he being held back?
Should he have to Christmas turned his back?
I have called him, why hasn’t he called back?
Why is he in a morgue lying on his back?

Is Christmas a sin?
Sinful to Hosanna and Alleluia sing? 
A celebratory home journey a sting?
Star of Bethlehem to 3 wise men, yet to him no sign? 
Why isn’t everything in sync?

A good man he was
A generous soul he was
A peace lover he was
A man of the people he was
The life of the party he was

Yes, indeed, life is meaningless
Yes, indeed, death is thoughtless
Yes, indeed, fate is thankless
Yes, indeed, everything is senseless
Death is shamelessly heartless

Should I continue to cry?
I can continue to try
But my eyes are already dry
My brain is already fry
Now, I can only the mystery pry

I am in great pain
Losing my mind and brain
Death is my bane
Death is a drain
Death is a stain

Miami, he is not coming back
Miami, he will not call back
Miami, Ochiagha is not coming back
Miami, KAVIN OKOLI-KING will not call back
God has called my brother back

My friend is gone!

  • A Poem by Dr. Vitus Ozoke dedicated to Kavin Okoli-King