My Favorite Part of Sex is You {Adult}

By Ikenga Chronicles December 17, 2016

While there may be innumerable aspects of you that I love, none compare to the feeling of having you inside of me.

For some reason, I crave being naked with you more than I ever have with another—it’s almost as if our clothes are just an unnecessary and unwanted barrier between us.

There was never an instant when I didn’t enjoy the times we spent bare-skinned and dewy from exploring one another’s bodies, yet perhaps now it’s less to do with the act itself and more to do with the person I am experiencing those moments with.

I trust you—not just in the way of words, but with my very body—and more importantly, I am now seeing my soul.

In the distance of seasons, I have realized that while we’ve had sex numerous times, it wasn’t until recently that I really let you into the world of me.

I suppose the truth is that I have finally stopped trying to be anything other than the woman you seem to delight in, while I straddle your lap kissing away time.

This isn’t a moment of certainty or promises, but rather the delectable magic that occurs when we can simply live in the moment relishing in whatever pleasure it brings. I never assume or take for granted that we will have more time, so perhaps that is what truly makes it taste so sweetly in these moments.

No matter how long it’s been, my body begins to vibrate when you are in my atmosphere, making my legs tremble with the seduction of lingering touches and bodies that just seem to sing to a rhythm all their own.

I’ve always loved sex, but now my favorite part of this tantalizing act is you.

Your touch, your taste and your body moving against mine is the greatest aphrodisiac.



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