My COVID-19 Diary: Who Says Ndi Igbo Hate Themselves? (2)

By Tai Emeka Obasi May 22, 2020

My COVID-19 Diary: Who Says Ndi Igbo Hate Themselves? (2)

While sharing the items as I explained yesterday, I found out one astonishing thing – many people are really suffering in our midst. I saw from expressions how most of them appreciated our intervention as a timely happenstance. They genuinely believed we were God-sent.

And I turned to two of my colleagues, Austin and Darlington, when we were done, ”see how happy these people are? Why can’t our governments derive joy from making the people happy? Why do most people in governance in Nigeria rather derive joy from impoverishing the people?”

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We discussed this issue at length.

But I saw enough with this little experience that though we need roads, healthcare, education, etc…my biggest concern henceforth is poverty eradication. What can be done to lift as many people as possible out of poverty so that they can afford quality diet, education, healthcare and all basic essentials.

Now, my real story starts. As earlier reported, we were making certain that any recipient was deserving of it. Then, despite the fact that our members trusted the Awka subcommittee, we decided not to take things for granted. We took pictures of all the people we shared the items to and uploaded many to just our WhatsApp and Telegram group platforms.

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And there was one woman, whose story touched me deeply. She is in her early 70s, lost her husband about 20 years ago and most painfully lost their only son and child five years ago after graduation and youth service. The son mysteriously died after six months of being gainfully employed and getting ready to take care of an aging mother, who practically starved to make certain he became a graduate. This woman lives now on people’s benevolence. No job, no worthwhile business and facing challenges of old age and loneliness… when I later got to her, she told me she is the only person alive out of nine children from same womb.

But before I got to her, I had told the pathetic story of the woman and uploaded her carefully taken picture(as attached in this article) to our platform.

Now, the story deepens. One of us residing in the United States of America came inbox and indicated interest in the woman. So, I explained further. Three days later my colleague called me and we spoke at length about the woman.

A week later that same colleague transferred a substantial sum to my account, instructing me on how much to be giving the woman every month to assist her.

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I knew there were good guys out there but believe me, my colleague shocked me. People give, yes but these days they wait to be asked. People give these days, yes but most times to people they know.

My colleague didn’t know anything about this woman. My colleague didn’t even bother to know which state she came from. My colleague just made this woman a pensioner, at least for the time being. Yes, a pensioner because my colleague paid into my account from April, 2020 till February, 2021.

When I went to the woman on April 30 to tell her the story, she just gaped at me. I gave her the first pension in crisp notes, her dumbfounded state quadrupled.

I told my colleague that I’d put a call through to talk directly with the woman. I suggested video call but my friend would hear nothing of it. The woman talked to my colleague briefly and we left. Yes, I went with my wife, who unearthed the woman in the first place through a mutual friend.

I promised the women that we would see her next month end.

My colleague wished that the identity remains known only to me. And I am complying 100% that even my wife doesn’t know the identity of this good Samaritan.

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Now, what lessons? That whoever tells you that ndi Igbo don’t love themselves, spit on his or her face. Somebody resident in America sent down enough money to effectively feed a needy woman for ten months. What love could be greater than that? Yes, my colleague wishes anonymity but I will confirm that both giver and receiver are both ndi Igbo. Coincidentally, both are from Anambra State.

I’ve prayed in my little way for God to bless my colleague any way He deems fit. I’m positive the woman must be praying everyday for my colleague.

If you read this to this stage, I beg you to show love particularly in this pandemic season. People are suffering. You may not believe it but N1000 goes a long way these days. Copy my friend. Don’t wait until it’s your relation, friend or lover. Just help the needy when you can.

This deadly pandemic has brought death, sorrow, hardship to an unsuspecting world. Let’s beat this enemy by binding together with LOVE. Let us fight this pandemic with one love.

Politicians should keep politics aside and save mankind. If you’re PDP, don’t bother whether the needy is APC, just give. If you’re APGA, don’t look for isi Ojukwu on any dress before sharing palliatives, just share.

God will never abandon His world. In moments of hopelessness, He observes to see who still remembers His commandments. And in these times one commandment reigns supreme – Love Thy Neighbour As You Love Thyself.

Please stay safe as you give or receive. We shall definitely conquer.