My African Queen

By Ikenga Chronicles November 17, 2018

My African Queen

–Paschal Nwosu Esq.

There is no doubt that the African woman is the Queen of the Earth and a woman of resplendent beauty but all that has given way to despair.

They have seemly lost the touch and given in to non-competitive despair against the women of the world.

They want to be white or fair and yearn for a future that does not belong to them.

They have turned to bleaching and artificial beauty products and at this point, we find the African woman on edge at the edge of despair with her head in her hands, mirrored in her new imperfections.


I do not think that bleaching makes an ebony black person white; in fact the colour shades are far apart.At most it can make you brown like your chocolate kin. Only a bit stinking and leprous.

But let me state here that the search for beautification products has a lot to do with the inadequacy of the African woman who has failed repeatedly, to make fitness, her pointer to choice of a mate, rather than economic interest, otherwise we should all be born beautiful and the ugly ones extinct.

The lack of pride drives them to be so artificial; artificial nails, eyebrows, hairs, lashes, and skin .

They find it difficult to groom their hair long and even schools force them to cut it at material times in their lives when their white counterparts spend hours every week brushing their hair.

Preening for the Adult life.

When the African teens are old enough for dating they go in search of wigs, weavons and all kinds of unnatural things, that African men find distasteful.

It no longer feels good to run your fingers through her natural hairs in the heat of passion. All you can feel is plastic and needled threads. Or lifeless shopped hairs.

They go as far as adorning dead person’s hairs, shaved clean off a decomposing corpse in the name of beauty.A common export from Asia.

Even now we have artificial virginity and all this only wracks up the question, “Where has the real natural African woman gone?”

Just imagine white women dressed to parties with attachments of the natural hair of dead African women?

Such a search for beauty is indeed disrespectful of male ego and the human conscience beyond the expansive horizon of artificiality.

We need the reemergence of the African Queen.

Let’s start with the little ones, who should be allowed to groom their hairs into teens without cultural impediments or normative limitations imposed by less discerning Authorities.

It is very competitive to be an African woman and non should be placed in disadvantages.

I am glad some are speaking up. We want our women natural and beautiful.

The African Queens.