Mustafi Compares English League To Other European Leagues

By Ikenga Chronicles November 30, 2017

Mustafi Compares English League To Other European Leagues

Arsenal defender Shkodran Mustafi has carried out a comparison of the English Premier League and other leagues in Europe. Mustafi in his conclusion, said the English League is the toughest Football League in the World.

Mustafi has spent the past 15 months with the Gunners, winning the FA Cup and Community Shield in the process.

The defender, who scored for the Gunners during their victory over Tottenham in the North London derby two weeks ago, said: “The Premier League is the toughest and most intense league in Europe, or in the world.

“I knew that before, but now that I’ve played a lot of games it is just something you can feel, your body feels really tired because you have a lot of games and you’re not used to it, which shows you that the league is really intense.

“I think because we have a lot of big players in the Premier League and because the type of game we play here is very quick, it’s not a defensive game or a tactical game where we just stand there and try and not make a mistake, it’s more of a game where we try and go to score goals.”