I Must Emerge PDP’s Governorship Candidate For Anambra– Ifeanyi Ubah

By Ikenga Chronicles September 20, 2017

I Must Emerge PDP’s Governorship Candidate For Anambra– Ifeanyi Ubah

A governorship aspirant on Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) platform in the forthcoming poll in Anambra, Mr Ifeanyi Ubah, is heading to court to challenge the alleged manipulation of the party’s primary.

Ubah made this known at a news conference in Abuja on Tuesday and said that he would continue with his aspiration until his complaints were addressed by the party.

“I will be going to court to seek redress; only the court will determine the party’s candidate or the party should come back to us and address the irregularities.

“They know that the person they have chosen has no requirements to be the party’s candidate. It is their responsibility to right the wrong,” he said.

“I am doing this not just because of me but because all the political parties will not act the same way PDP has done. If we continue to allow issues like this, people will continue to suffer over impunity.”

Ubah said that Mr Oseloka Obaze, who was declared winner of the primary election and upheld by the party’s Appeal Panel, did not emerge through a transparent, free and fair means. He described the primary as “a fraudulent exercise.”

Ubah said that he noticed some irregularities in the primary,including overnight change of delegates’ list, and alleged that the delegates used for the election were different from those on Certified True Copy list he obtained.

“They used that opportunity to smuggle in people. We have 326 wards in Anambra, and even if we had three delegates per wards, we will have 678 delegates, not 958.

“Also in the party’s Constitution there is what we call statutory delegates who are over 400, they were all cut off.

“What they did was that they gave black marks on the fingers of those they wanted in, and by the time they call you in and if you don’t have those marks they pushed you away.

“All complaints on these issues were ignored.”

Ubah said that he remained the best candidate of PDP for the election in the state “because we are closer to the people, and have invested in the party and in the people.”

“Sadly, an election which was supposed to provide a level playing field for all seven aspirants cleared for the race turned to a dance of shame.

“All these represent the greatest act of impunity bearing in mind the fact that the party had began to gain sympathy from Nigerians.”