Mother, I Am Not Your Son Again–Nnaemeka Oruh

By Ikenga Chronicles August 7, 2017

Mother, I Am Not Your Son Again–Nnaemeka Oruh

I stayed on the path you set me on mother,
The Master Pastor-is-always-right road.
I am your son, favoured and all, remember?

Master Pastor reminded me daily too,
Of, Miriam, Moses, and leprosy
A homily on how
God always takes sides
With the anointed

But Satan will not let me be,mother
Always whispering rebellious questions in my ears:
Where does your tithes go to?
Why is Master Pastor getting fatter,
While your flesh is drying up?

Master Pastor says no questions,
And pointed me to;
Miriam, Moses, and leprosy.
Mighty men have been destroyed,he said
For asking questions like that.

But he never said,
How mighty men have been caged by that story
Commanders of thousands tethered to a man’s whims
Like sheep following a Shepherd
An image conveniently woven into the Holy Book.

Mother, am I still your son?
The questions are sprouting branches in my brain,
Poking holes in the cocoon of our beliefs.
Maybe it is Satan’s still small voice
Or plain reason seeking clarification.

Why is our society filled with so much evil,
When churches daily sprout, from all nooks, corners and crannies?
Why does the Pastor preach;
“Be your brother’s keeper” on Sunday
And on Monday, evict his brother,
Who is also his tenant?

“Remember Miriam, Moses and leprosy!”
Master Pastor bellowed–an effort on his part,
As sound struggled out of fat cheeks and fat neck.
I remember too when Master Pastor was as thin as me
When he owned no houses or flashy cars
“The Lord is good” is only for him
I’m dry as the Sahara, in pocket and in flesh.

Miriam,Moses and leprosy!
Master Pastor’s scam expression to steal my possession.
Maybe it is Satan again whispering things to me
But to be coerced into blind servitude, I see,
Is to chain one’s soul to a burning house.

I am sorry mother,
But I will not be your son again,
If being tied to dogma
Makes you my mama
This son you birthed is a free soul
Giving equal chance to ‘Satan’ and Master Pastor’s Jesus
May he who best answers my questions take my soul.


Image Source: Flickr