Most Moving Songs

By Ikenga Chronicles September 18, 2019

Most Moving Songs

–By Philip Odoemena

I don’t know about you, as for me, tonight during the Christ Throne’s musical concert, a tear or two swan around my eyes when a guest artist, Cobhams Asuquo entertained the audience with the most moving songs of the night.

As I write this article, I still can’t explain how his songs affected me the way they did. All I can write here is that Mr. Asuquo literally invited me through his songs to turn to God always who is bigger than anything. His songs were telling greatest stories written about using what ever circumstances allowed by God in one’s life, to use such circumstance to praise and worship God.

Mr. Asuquo’s message of praising heavenly,irrespective of one’s circumstance,is a lesson of victory through Jesus Christ. In deed, it is a lesson because it is quite natural for one to withdraw and pull inward when one is going through afflictions and physical challenges. However, tonight Mr. Asuquo, through his songs taught some of us never ever be praise less irrespective of any set back or any adverse conditions. Personally, his songs tonight told me NOT to accept any challenge as the ruling factor in my life.

One more thing, through Mr. Asuquo’s songs I learned not to perceive or place any challenge greater or more powerful than God, knowing full well that God is still on the Throne