More Women Appointed Into Ministerial Positions In Ethiopia

By Ikenga Chronicles October 17, 2018

More Women Appointed Into Ministerial Positions In Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has appointed more women to his government as ministers.

Explaining his decision in a speech to Parliament, Mr. Abiy said women were “less corrupt than men” and would help restore peace and stability.

Ethiopia is now the only African state after Rwanda to have equal gender representation in the cabinet.

Since becoming Prime Minister in April, Abiy has carried out numerous massive reforms.

Aisha Mohammed was named as Ethiopia’s first female Defence Minister. She is from the country’s Afar region in the north-east, and had served as construction minister.

Muferiat Kamil, the former speaker of parliament, became the country’s first Minister of Peace. She will be overseeing the country’s intelligence and security apparatus, including the federal police.

Mahlet Hailu, Ethiopia’s deputy permanent representative to the UN, tweeted the list of new ministers.