Men To Marry And Have Sex With Robots Next Year- Expert

By Ikenga Chronicles December 22, 2016

Men To Marry And Have Sex With Robots Next Year- Expert

An artificial intelligence expert, David Levy has announced that during the coming year men would be able to marry and have sex with toys.

David  made this disclosure in a global conference in London, featuring interactive sex toys and discussions on the ethics of relationships with humanoids.

The conference in London showcased some of the latest developments in robotic sex toys, such as gadgets which allow couples to kiss, no matter how far apart they are.

“Sex with robots is just around the corner, with the first sexbots coming… sometime next year” he stated.

US California-based company Abyss Creations next year will start marketing sex robots that are billed as life-like, with the ability to talk and move like humans.

Ultimately, Levy said, people should entertain the thought of marriage with robots as early as 2050.

Adding, Lynne Hall, of the University of Sunderland’s school of computer science, in northeast England, said that robots could create “a fantastic sexual experience”.

“There are lots of benefits to sex with robots… it’s safe, you never catch any disease, you can control it” she told the conference.

“We are somehow fed by moral panic… ‘It’s disgusting… nobody will ever have sex with a human again’,” Hall told the conference.

“But people are regularly watching porn… and they are still having sex with humans,” she said.

Levy, the author of Love and Sex with Robots, from which the annual conference takes its title, said marriage to robots would be the next logical step.

“As sex with robots becomes more and more commonplace… we shall come face to face with the very real possibility of marriage to robots” the former international chess master said.

Robots of the future will be “patient, kind, protective, loving”, never “jealous, boastful, arrogant, rude,” Levy said — “unless of course you want them to be”.

“All of the following qualities and many more are likely to be achievable in software within a few decades,” he added.


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