The Men who Rocked my World in Bed had 3 Things in Common. {Adult}

By Ikenga Chronicles February 10, 2018

The Men who Rocked my World in Bed had 3 Things in Common. {Adult}

Good sex is mindblowing.

It’s addictive. It’s magnetic. It induces an altered state that’s exciting, wild, and fulfilling. Bad sex, on the other hand, is disappointing. It’s draining, discouraging, and at times, disgusting.

So what’s the difference between good and bad sex?

It’s a worthy question at the moment because, with the litany of hurts being talked about in our culture, it’s easy to forget there’s anything other than bad sex—truly bad sex that’s about power, not connection. The kind that wounds, rather than uplifts. The kind that makes us want to avoid the subject entirely, rather than discuss it openly and with joy in our hearts.

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Sex can be a place of tremendous healing and growth—not to mention fun. It’s one of the deepest ways we are capable of connecting with one another. It’s how we propagate our species.

t’s important.

I have my own #MeToo stories and they are valid and meaningful. But this piece isn’t about that. It’s a celebration of really good sex, and some hints for men who want to be truly outstanding in the bedroom. I’m putting attention on what does work for me sexually, because I want to make it easy for men to know how to please me and other women (or men).

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In the spirit of celebration, caring, and super-sexy sexy time, here are the top three things the men who’ve rocked my world in bed have had in common:

They were really, really present.
I’ve slept with a number of guys who, frankly, I wasn’t planning on sleeping with. This happened in part because they wooed me with their massive…presence.

One guy’s name was Isaiah, and I’d suspected he’d been into me for a while. My housemates and I had thrown a house party and…

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