Men Are Also Victims Of Domestic Violence And Abuse

By Ikenga Chronicles January 12, 2020

Men Are Also Victims Of Domestic Violence And Abuse

–By Chukwuma Linus

More pronounced are the cases of domestic violence against women. But I have heard as well witnessed few cases against men.

The truth is, nobody deserved to be in abusive relationship, and domestic violence must be condemned in the strongest terms no matter whose ox is gored.

Who heard what happened in Umudimkwa in Nnewi?

In one of my visits to my home town last year, something hysterical but worth my pen happened. Though the tone of the announcer was indistinct, it became the opposite and rib-tickling when he drove passed my family house. It was dawn and I remember I was resting in the arms of morpheus on that fateful day, albeit woke up by what I deemed “Queer announcement.”

Many were wakened by the announcement because I saw people in their numbers especially old-aged men discussing about the announcement moments later.— The announcement was indeed a rib-tickling.

It was about a man battered by his wife.

“That woman living in Umudimkwa, but fond of cane-wielding, battering and most especially do knelt down her husband in front of their children at any slightest provocation is by this announcement warned never to have a repeat or face the music”, this is the exact translation of the announcement made by the announcer who spoke in Nnewi dialect.

The announcement was sponsored by concerned group.

Was it not uproarious?

Indeed this was the case of Mazi Amubuike(Real name withheld) living in Nnewi. Concerned by the announcement, I made independent investigation and if it is anything to go by, he is from Ohaozara LGA in Ebonyi state. Mazi Amubuike’s marriage seems a true reflection of his name because he has procreated eight children in nine years of marriage. One may be tempted to accept that Mazi Amubuike has exchanged his natural strength for child-bearing. But whoever thinks from the prism is wrong.

The domestic violence against the man is as old as the marriage. I suspect that Mazi Amubuike’s wife has a high testosterone levels in her body than the husband. If not, the readers should tell me why she is always on the flesh of the husband. It was reported that her husband once ran out of the house because of domestic violence and abuse.

I’m very sure that Amubuike’s wife became frightened by the sponsored announcement that made round the communities. Because according to information made available to me, she has seized to battered her husband.

Domestic violence is not really about sexuality, size or strength. And the abuse against men is very similarly to abuse against women.

Can you ween being embarrassed that your wife hits you?

This is a big factor between battered men and battered women. Men are likely to be demeaned by their abuse, thus making them less likely to report it. While women who is battered may have a greater influence to use the system to their advantage. It is however very true that wives suffer domestic violence and abuse more than their husbands.

On the effects on children.

A story of little Jennifer will teach parents the effects of Domestic violence and abuse on children.

A friend of friend’s four-year-old daughter who is in Nursery class was always crying upon arriving school that she would neither write nor eat the snacks bought by her father. The teacher observed the routine and asked little Jennifer what was the problem.

As little as Jennifer is she never minced words.

She cried and told her teacher that she hates the father because he beats her mother every day. One can imagine the audacity of a nursery school pupil.

Children who witness violence between parents are at greater risk of being violent in their future relationships. And are at serious high risk for long-term emotional and psychological trauma.

That reminds me, the selection process for who will be called my missing rib began last December and will be closed in the next coming years and few of the requirements are that she will be humble and loyal like Nne Nonye, not stubborn like myself, and never a nagging woman because I would not want to hear the tales of Little Jennifer from any of my children.