Memorable July Episode 9

By Ikenga Chronicles July 9, 2018

Memorable July Episode 9

Amaitem had missed church service and choir rehearsals for the first time. He’d taken permission from his branch pastor.

‘My wife is ill, and I’m busy with political meetings. Please my assistant can handle the duties’ He said in a text message he sent to the pastor. He’d spent his entire Sunday with Uyama, drinking tea and eating pancakes he’d ordered from the le’meridien restaurant.

After the Sunday service, a few pastors of the church had gone to see Dara at the hospital, they prayed for her.

After they were gone, her brother Ukeme the soldier had come to carry Jayla. Disbelief and hurt were painted in Dara’s eyes when she realized her husband had not called or visited. The hurt of finding herself betrayed by her own husband made her sob softly. She’d remembered how he smelt the previous night, the scent of a woman.

Memorable July (Episode 3)

“My wife, why are you sad?” Anne asked surprisingly as she stood to cover her body with the blanket.

Dara stared at her sister in-law as if her question made no sense. She wasn’t sure she was going to respond to Anne.

Anne took a bible and knelt before her. “You will be well, you’re a good woman, God doesn’t let good women die.” Anne said, holding Dara’s hands.

Dara remained silent and didn’t attempt to force a conversation. Her stormy eyes still reflected anger and hurt..

“You remember when my brother first brought you home? How much we liked ourselves at first sight. I just knew at that moment that Ama had brought me the sister I never had. And ever since you came into our lives, things changed. You invested so much in me, gave me money to start up my supermarket business when David died and left Bobby and I. You are that true friend and sister.” Anne said smiling as tears dropped out from her eyes. Then she lifted her eyes and saw that Dara had fallen asleep. But she still went on, “And now you’re here, sick. I hate to see you this way sister, you don’t deserve to be here.” She said tearily and then sobbed. She mopped Dara’s body with warm water and a mild soap. Then she held her hands and whispered words of prayers that night.


The next day, Amaitem and Uyama had packed their boxes and joined the governor’s convoy.

Memorable July ( Episode 4 )

They’d arrived Sydney with a few other government officials at the late hours of Tuesday, and Amaitem had forgotten to send money to Dara, or even inform her of his movements. After three days of long hours of crucial meetings with the governor and the Australian business men, he’d finally had time for Uyama who was already tired of being lonely

He’d taken her to Crown towers Hotel at Melbourne to spend the weekend. He’d also taken her to harbours, museums, gardens, shopping malls and cathedrals were she took several pictures.

After a week of a short official meeting, and vacation in Australia, they’d flown back to Nigeria with an unforgettable memory.

As soon as he got to Nigeria, his personal assistant had come to tell him of Dara’s ill health.

“She gets worst by the day sir. The doctors said she wants to see you, she has been crying to see you.” Sampson said boldly.

Memorable July  (Episode 5)

“She is not a child. I will make preparations for her to be taken to America as soon as possible.” Amaitem said rudely.

“She wants to see you sir.” Sampson insisted.

“Get out of here and take my luggage home, did I say i didn’t hear you?”

Sampson hurriedly took his luggage to the car, while Uyama followed him behind.

Amaitem took Uyama to his house that evening to drop his luggage before joining her at her place. “I hope it’s safe?”

She asked.

“Nobody is home. Just the securities.” He said.

As they got to Amaitem’s big edifice, they all alighted from the car. Amaitem held her hands and led her to his large sitting room, where photo frames of his daughter and Dara were hung almost everywhere on the walls; She walked gently and touched the picture framed of Amaitem with the governor and the president then she gasped.

Memorable July  (Episode 6)

Amaitem held her from behind and began to kiss her neck, and before she could turn to respond to his moves a loud voice startled them.

“Is this the reason why you’ve not come to see your sick wife who has been crying bitterly to see her husband? The doctors tried reaching you few days ago and your lines were not available.” Anne said with deep anger in her tone.

“I was in Australia, I just returned.”

“You were in Australia with this bitch! You left your sick wife penniless, without care. You’re wicked Amaitem.”

Sister please, don’t…”

“Shut up! Just shut up!” She yelled. “You’re wicked. Just look at you, because you’ve started seeing government money, you’re now allowing yourself to be manipulated by cheap sluts!”

Memorable July (Episode 7)

“Anne!” Amaitem yelled, walking close to her with anger in his eyes. “Don’t you dare talk to my woman like that ever again!”

Anne nodded more violently this time.

“I can see she has used you juju and charms on you.” She turned to Uyama and said softly, “well-done whore!”

Amaitem lifted his hands firmly, but Anne held his hands firmer and stared at his eyes with fire burning in them. “It’s like you’ve forgotten who your sister is. Dare you try me, and i will show you that being a woman doesn’t make me powerless, I will beat you and you, I and your cheap whore will appear on the pages of newspapers tomorrow.”

Memorable July (Episode 8)

He savored the openly hostile glare she shot at him, before she could drop his hands down, Uyama had pulled out her shoes and ran out of the house.

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