Memorable July (Episode 14)

By Ikenga Chronicles July 14, 2018

Memorable July (Episode 14)

A month after Dara was buried, a new month dragged by.

Amaitem had involved himself more in politics than church. He’d bluntly refused consolation visits from people, including his church members who had also come to find out why he’d stopped participating in his usual church activities.

He’d set aside a lot of things, including his daughter Jayla whom he heard had changed school, and his sister and elder brother whom he had stopped picking their calls.

Uyama had moved to live with him in his house. She’d taken off all photo frames of Dara, leaving just a few baby pictures of Jayla on the wall.

Memorable July (Episode 13)

“I see her every night in my dream.” She said to Amaitem as she handed the frames to the security men to put them in the store house. “Whenever you leave for the office, i am always scared of staying here alone by myself. I need a maid.” She said girlishly. Amaitem hugged her firmly, and held her to settle on the couch.

“Finding a maid for you won’t be difficult my love, just give me your specifications.”

“I wanted an old woman. But someone that old won’t be able to cook, clean and do all the house chores. So, i will go for a teenager. A girl who doesn’t wear jewelries, who doesn’t make her hair, or paint her nails, a descent girl who wears maxi dresses and must be born again. She reeled off.

” Done. I will send one of my Personal assistants to get you some girls. you can interview them and chose your best.” Amaitem said softly, leaving a smile on Uyama’s face.

The next day, Sampson arrived with six girls, he’d called Uyama to make her choices as they all queued on the veranda.

Memorable July (Episode 2)

When she appeared on the verandah, they girls prostrated in unison. “Good afternoon ma.” They all greeted. Uyama replied with a nod. She stared at them from their head to their feet, separating them from the queue. One of the girls had her nails painted, she stared at her nails and gave a loud sigh.

“You paint your nails, and you want to work with me? Where you all not told the criteria for this job? Please, if you’re wearing a short dress, or a wig or anything attached to your hair, leave now before I embarrass you.”

Three girls searched themselves and when they realized they didn’t meet up with Uyama’s rules, they walked away without saying a word. Uyama leveled a steely glare at them.

Uyama concentrated on the only girl who was left. She was wearing a maxi shapeless gown and had her natural hair weaved backward.

Memorable July  (Episode 6)

” What’s your name?” Uyama asked.

“Queen Esther ma.” She replied, prostrating respectively.

“While you will be working here, your name will be Esther, no ‘Queen’ should be added.” Esther nodded.

“Which church do you attend?”

“The chosen house of almighty Jehovah ma.” Esther replied.

“Your church doesn’t permit you to wear earrings right?” Uyama asked.

“Yes ma. My church is against artificial things like nails, hair and sin ma.” Esther said quietly.

“Good, you’re exactly what I want. I hope you can cook?”

“Everything ma. I can cook Afang, editan, atama, i can bake and make natural juice drinks. I can also…”

Memorable July (Episode 8)

“That’s enough.” Uyama said. She was already tired of attending to Esther. “You’re not going near my man’s room, when he comes back, stay far away from him until I call you. You’ll serve him dinner only when I’m home.”

“Yes ma.” Esther said.

Uyama stood and her attention paused on Esther’s face. Esther wasn’t a beautiful woman, she was stiff and masculine like a man, and Uyama liked her that way. She wasn’t going to have a maid she was going to feel insecure with.

“Follow me, let me show you around.” Uyama said. Esther walked behind her and she showed her rooms that were out of bounds, including Dara’s bedroom.


That same evening, Esther had made palatable meal for dinner. It was coconut rice and spicy chicken, it was what Uyama wanted for Amaitem.

Esther prayed before she did house chores, or cooked. She prayed for Uyama and Amaitem. “Father bless my madam and oga, make them rich in Jesus name.” She said these prayers when she knew Uyama would hear her. And Uyama found her act quite impressive. “She is a good girl, she is a good Christian and prays every minute.” She said to Amaitem, as he dished the rice into a flat flowered plate.

Memorable July (Episode 7)

“That’s good.” Amaitem said, nodding in approval. “She should be good at the church choir then.” He added.

Uyama paused and said, “No. She will not be in any choir. Her work is to serve us here, and we pay her. We don’t have business with her religion or whatsoever.” Uyama retorted. This time, Amaitem didn’t bother with further arguments, he enjoyed the meal, and for the first time in a long time, he finished almost one and a half plate of food right before Uyama’s eyes.


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