Memorable July  (Episode 11)

By Ikenga Chronicles July 11, 2018

Memorable July  (Episode 11)

Dara’s father; Captain Etukudoh stood still when his son broke the news of his daughter’s demise. His stomach contracted, his heart trembled, he couldn’t believe it.

Ukeme and Uko had comported themselves, ready to tell their father and face the consequences of his reactions.

He shook his head vehemently as tears dropped bit by bit from his eyes. His legs felt like a wooden block but he got them moving toward his sons, still dressed in his blue and white stripped pyjamas.

“Take me to where she is, I want to be sure she is the one.” Captain Etukudoh said with a trembling voice as Ukeme and Uko held his hands and drove him to the hospital mortuary, where Dara’s body was admitted.

Uko had given their father a brief narration of how their sister died.”

“She kept calling her husband. He hadn’t seen her till she died.” Uko went on with a low voice that throbbed with feelings.

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His father didn’t say a word. His mind had gone far. He’d imagined the picture of his daughter Dara, from the day her mother had her, how he held her excitedly at the hospital and all the sweet journey of life he’d experienced with Dara.

When Ukeme drove into the hospital, they’d seen lots of government official cars parked at the garage, they knew that Amaitem was there. Their hearts became heavy when they alighted from the car. Their father’s feet faltered as they held him toward the mortuary.

They’d seen security men in uniforms around the hospital premises with guns. A few of them who knew captain Etukudoh saluted him as his sons held him and walked pass.

Amaitem’s heart fell when he saw Uko, Ukeme and his father in-law. He was waiting to see Dara’s body at the front of the mortuary; A few security men surrounded him with guns.

Memorable July (Episode 3)

Ukeme suddenly left his father’s arms and rushed at Amaitem, punching him hard on the face. The security officials held Ukeme, pushing him off and trying to protect Amaitem. A few of them pointed their guns at Ukeme.

“I am bigger than your guns! I am a captain in the Nigerian army, and he is a mere commissioner, made by my very own family. We are all soldiers, so drop your guns and face this fight. Amaitem, you killed my sister, you ungrateful beast! We shall pay you back. You’ve matched the tails of sleeping lions!” He said aloud bitterly.

“Let me see her.” Captain Etukudoh said weakly. He’d been longing to see the body of his daughter, and to touch her stiff hands for the last time.

“I know nothing of your sister’s death. She was my wife!” Amaitem said powerfully.

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Jeers and hoots of derision assailed Uko’s ears. He’d felt Amaitem was just a joker who had taken them for granted. He should have looked ridiculous, like someone who just lost his wife, but even at that very moment, he still looked like a man who wasn’t move by the death of ten thousands of Dara.

Everywhere became quiet as Dara’s body was rolled out with a stretcher. She’d laid like she was asleep.

Her father rushed at her and held her firmly, crying aloud like a child. He sobered quickly, the grinning face becoming anxious. They all stood and watched her body being taken back into the mortuary. Captain Etukudoh instructed the mortuary attendant not to deliver his daughter’s body to anyone except his sons or him.

“She will be buried in my compound!” Captain Etukudo yelled.

“But she is my wife, rightfully, she is supposed to be buried in my family house.”

“Over our dead bodies will we allow such nonsense. Our sister’s body is ours. We will not let anyone take her away from us. You’ve killed her Amaitem, her remains will come home.” Uko said.

Memorable July  (Episode 6)

Everything about Uko was dangerous. Not just his huge size as his siblings and father, but his voice and the sheer power of his presence. As he spoke and looked at them, Amaitem’s security men seemed to shrink.

“Even your government won’t fight for you Amaitem. Do not dare come near my sister’s body.” Ukeme added gently as the two men held their old father’s arms and walked away.


Jayla had not heard of her mother’s death. Ukeme had told her different lies and given her false reasons on why they can’t visit Dara at the hospital.

“Uncle UK, I had a dream how mommy waved me goodbye, I ran after her but she ran faster, at a point i couldn’t view her anymore.” She said innocently at the dinning table, as they were about to have breakfast.

Ukeme’s cutleries fell off his hands, as he began to sob softly.

“Uncle, why are you crying?” Jayla asked.

“Your mommy has gone to heaven baby. She left a day before yesterday.” He said with a broken voice, still in tears.

Memorable July ( Episode 4 )

Jayla knew what it meant to go to heaven. She knew that he meant her mother of eight years was death, and no more in existence.

The world shimmered before Jayla’s eyes as she kept staring at her uncle’s face. She couldn’t cry; her eyes were filled with misery, sadness and questions.

Ukeme cupped her cheek with his hand and held it firmly, staring at it and reading her eyes. She looked so much like Dara, and he was happy that the memory of his sister still lived on.

“When mommy is buried, We will relocate to Russia, where I will find myself a wife who will be like your mommy.” He said in soft whispers.

“There is only one mommy uncle UK, and she is in heaven now.” Jayla said slowly, the tone of her voice became wondrously mysterious.


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