Memorable July (Episode 10)

By Ikenga Chronicles July 10, 2018

Memorable July  (Episode 10)

Anne left her brother’s house with a bittered heart at the early hours of a new month of July. She was furious.

She left with a few of Dara’s night wears, panties and pads; It was what took her to Amaitem’s house at first. She had not seen her son Bobby since she’d left to stay with Dara, she’d missed him so much, and thought of calling him to visit her at the hospital the next day.

The rain fell softly that evening, as she hurried into the hospital reception. Her body had drained with rain water, and she was really pressed. She rushed into the hospital guest toilet to ease herself before she took a lift to Dara’s ward. As she took down her panty to sit comfortably on the cistern, the imagery of what she saw at her brother’s house disorganized her. ‘My woman ‘ rang a bell in her ears. She’d wondered why her younger brother would have the guts to refer to that lady she saw at his house as his woman. As she stood to flush the cistern, her phone fell into it. She stood mutely and shocked, she didn’t know what to do; whether to deep her hands into the cistern that sick people defecated and peed inside daily. She gave a loud sigh and walked away.

Memorable July (Episode 1)

As she got into the elevator, she’d promised herself never to mention what she saw at Amaitem’s house to Dara or anyone, not even to her elder brother Akpakpan who wouldn’t have hesitated to call for a family meeting immediately. She might leave scars to last a lifetime in Dara’s heart, if she ever broke such a news to her on a sick bay.

As the elevator opened, she hit her left leg hard. “What is happening to me today?” She asked angrily as she leaped to Dara’s ward.

As she opened the ward, she became bewildered at the sight of Dara’s brothers and the doctor.

“I want to see my husband…” Dara cried out softly. Her eyes and her face where whitened and covered with tears and catarrh. She looked weak and really sick.

Memorable July  (Episode 5)

“Forget about him, we your brothers are here, see…” pointing at me. “Your sister in-law Anne is here. I would have brought Jayla, but you instructed us not to.” Her brother Ukeme said boldly and fiercely. He was dressed in a navy uniform.

“Ama….” Dara paused, she began to have this sudden struggle to breath, her eyes were white, we couldn’t see her eyeballs anymore.

Ukeme screamed, while Uko held her hands firmly shouting, “Daraobong! Darabasi!”

The doctor pressed the bell by the bedside and alerted the nurses and other doctors. They ran into the ward in groups, each of them with a stethoscope hung around their necks.

Memorable July (Episode 3)

One of the doctors pressed the stethoscope on Dara’s chest, everywhere became calm as Anne’s heart kept beating and vibrating. Dara had stopped the struggle to live, she’d passed out with her eyes wide open. The doctor turned to everyone in the room and shook his head. Uko yelled a bold screamed and held the doctor’s collar. “What? What? tell me what?” He asked, shaking thunderously.

Ukeme had lowered himself on the floor, spread his legs and began to sob softly.

A feminine scream came in, it was Anne.

The nurses tried to straightened Dara’s body. They’d first closed her teary eyes, and even after they’d closed her eyes, tears were running out more.

For a stunned instant, unable to accept the nightmare, Anne screamed aloud.

Memorable July  (Episode 6)

“Sister! Who will take care of your daughter enh? Who will I run to when I’m broke! Wake up and tell me you’re fine. Tell me this is a prank please!” Anne lamented bitterly.

Ukeme remained motionless, speechless, he stood to watch his sister’s body being covered with white sheets, and the syringe disconnected from her hands. The moment shocked him to grim reality.

With a strength fueled by terror and fury, Uko walked out of the ward, anger written all over his face. The doctors and the nurses ran after him and held him firmly. ” Be strong like a man Captain Uko.” One of the doctors said, patting him softly on the chest.

The other nurses rushed back to the ward to take Dara’s body away. Anne stood tearily and said,

“Please, let me see her face for the last time.” She cried out.

Memorable July (Episode 8)

One of the nurses unveiled Dara’s face, and Anne held it with her two hands. “You will forever remain in my heart sister. ” She said tearily. Before she could mutter any other word, they’d covered her back, and pushed her body away.

Dara and Ukeme cried till there were no tears in their eyes. They cried till they became weak and dumbfounded.


Amaitem’s phone rang severally when the doctor called to break the news of his wife’s demise. He kept staring at it ringing, while he rode softly on Uyama. She’d flung the phone on the other side of the couch, holding him tight and moaning aloud softly. And after he was done making love to her, he rushed over to his phone.

“Who called you?” Uyama asked.

Memorable July Episode 9

“The doctor…”

“They should let you rest, shebi your sister is with Dara?” Uyama asked with a worried face, Amaitem nodded.

“I certainly know what he wants to say. That Dara wants to see me and blablabla…”

“You should see her tomorrow. That is the only woman I can share you with, your wife.” Uyama retorted.

The phone rang again, and Amaitem didn’t wait for it it to ring for long when he picked the call and shouted, “Every mature human calls twice Doctor Harrison, This isn’t right. I mean you’re bothering me!” He said with anger in his tone.

Memorable July (Episode 7)

“I am sorry to disturb sir, the hospital wants to pass the news that Dara just died an hour ago.” Doctor Harrison said and hung the call.

Amaitem stood like a stature for seconds. He couldn’t say a word.

Shivers of cold suddenly ran into his body, as the rains kept falling like the sky was weeping for Dara’s death too.


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