Melania Joins The Firing Squad

By Ikenga Chronicles November 14, 2018

Melania Joins The Firing Squad

–Vitus Ozoke

Melania Trump wants Mira Ricardel, Deputy National Security Adviser, fired for disrespecting her during her trip to Africa. I hope that Mira’s disrespectful offense was forcing Melania to wear that stupid colonial outfit while visiting Africa.

But why do I want to hold my breath? Did Mira also make Melania wear that silly tone deaf jacket on a trip to visit immigrant kids at a border detention center in McAllen, Texas in June? Remember Melania’s ridiculously tasteless and offensive hood jacket that read: “I REALLY DON’T CARE. DO U?”. And that was an American First Lady visiting and pretending to care for children yanked away from their parents and locked up in cages by her husband.

Truth is Melania’s husband’s White House is a complete chaos. It’s a messy carryover from Trump Towers and Mar a’Largo. Melania cannot pretend that the dysfunction started in the White House. She could fire all she wants, but she may serve herself better by taking a hard look at the image that stares back at her in the mirror.

Good going, Melania, you have officially, and publicly, become part of the unending firing squad of the Trump White House.