Malta: The Smallest Country In Europe Has Shown More Sensitivity And Deference To The Rule Of Law Than America

By Ikenga Chronicles December 12, 2019

Malta: The Smallest Country In Europe Has Shown More Sensitivity And Deference To The Rule Of Law Than America

— Dr. Wumi Akintide

Faced with a less egregious legal, ethical and moral decadence and depravity than America is facing today under the Presidency of the most incompetent and the most morally bankrupt individual ever elected President in America, the Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat has agreed to step down amid fallout from the death of a Maltese journalist named Daphne Caruana Galizia who was “Kashogged” and murdered in cold blood in Malta.

Democracy as we used to know it in America has suffered a black eye if not a death blow as the Bastion of Democracy around the World due to the behavior and the conduct of Donald Trump and the willingness of his Republican Party to condone those behaviors at the risk of undermining the national security of America by obstructing Justice and by their contempt of the Congress as a co-equal branch of Government as defined by the American Constitution and founding fathers.

If the Republicans slim Majority of 53 out of 100 Senators do not have the balls to justify a draconian Censure that would condemn the conduct and the behavior of Donald Trump instead of his outright removal from office, they stand forever condemned in the Court of Public Opinion and by “We the People”

The America I used to know when I studied at the University of Connecticut later on at the Yeshiva Jewish University of New York, would by now have called for Americans to troop out in their millions to picket and to demonstrate against the abominable behavior of their President just like the Maltese people have done to force their Prime Minister to finally throw in the towel once his Chief of Staff and 2 Cabinet ministers had been forced to step down due to sheer embarrassment.

I do not expect anything less in the United States. If the Republican Party can not find 10 to 20 Senators in their rank and file to sponsor a motion to censure Donald Trump for his abuse of power and his contempt of the Congress instead of outrightly removing him from office, it would simply mean that America has gone to the dogs and can no longer be the same country we used to know.

The fans of this column would recall that I had suggested more than a year ago that the ultimate solution would be a draconian Censure against Donald Trump that he cannot gloat about or sweep under the carpet even when he puts on his Adolf Hitler mindset to repeatedly lie and deny and to distract and deflect and to never give up even when he knows he is as guilty as Hell.

The Congress plans to vote to impeach Trump before the week runs out based on 2 iron-clad and incontrovertible Articles of Impeachment that the Republican Majority in the Senate cannot shoot down because Donald Trump had confessed to being guilty on both Articles by just playing back to him a recording of where he had made those confessions for the whole world to see.

If Donald Trump is being tried under the normal juror system in America, he would have been unanimously found guilty in a split second without any iota of doubt.

The Democrats and Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff have done a marvelous job by choosing the two articles which are the easiest to explain and to justify and sustain.

They have done it by giving the Republicans nowhere to hide unless they want to open themselves to public ridicule and to condemnation, retribution and reprimand.

It is simply sad to say that tiny Malta Prime Minister has shown more awareness and sensitivity to the imperatives of Democracy than the President of the United States.