Make Me Roar: 10 things that Turn Women On.

By Ikenga Chronicles December 21, 2016

Love: How to be together and still be independent.

Women can seem complicated compared to the opposite sex, however, we’re really quite simple creatures, turned on by the simplest pleasures.

There are a few easy ways to make us roar deep on the inside and most of them aren’t even sexual.

Here are some of my favourites.

  1. To be trusted—We want someone to have faith in us, to trust our judgement, our loyalty and our actions. Let us know that you can open up to us, be vulnerable and let us see exactly who you are. Put your trust in us and know that we are capable of as much as you, just sometimes in different ways. Don’t suffocate and try to hold on to our wings.
  2. A hot drink to wake up to—Regular or herbal tea, a coffee or whatever fires us up, waking up to a hot drink by our side can be the perfect way to rise on dark and chilly mornings.
  3. Sweets—Chocolate, jellies or old-school favourites. Come home with pockets filled with delights and you will be sure to earn guaranteed brownie points.
  4. Saying sorry and meaning it—A quality to be treasured and a certain heart melter. We all love to receive genuine heartfelt apologies when something has gone wrong. It repairs bridges, closes wounds and shouts out that the person who is offering it is conscious, authentically and willing to face up to their flaws and take the steps necessary to make amends. The sooner it is received, the better.
  5. The perfect bubble bath—Not just a regular bath; one exploding with bubbles, candles around the edges, warm fluffy towels ready, a glass of something delicious on the side and maybe even company. Those are the baths that really…


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