Made of Steel 4

By Ikenga Chronicles June 18, 2018

Made of Steel 4

— Baron Roy

The Mexicans

The Chinese have a profound saying; “may I live in interesting times”! And I must confess that I have witnessed very interesting things with this world cup in Russia! What’s happening, really? Ogini ne’eme? Kí l’óún s’ēlè gãngãn? Mexico pipped mighty Germany in a world cup match? These are interesting times indeed!

How could this abomination have happened?

Mexico was peopled by the Aztec Indians for over a thousand years. These seemingly primitive people, had great engineers as far back as the beginning of time. A local chief, chased into the swamps, defended his people and hid them in the swamps for over a century.

In those swamps, they built a great civilization; they constructed giant edifices, palaces and a great city in the swamps! They built aqueducts over 300km to channel fresh water to the city—some of these aqueducts remain till date. They moved soil over great distances, and built thriving farms in those swamps! The city became the most successful city in the Americas—it is the modern day Mexican City! The country capital.

Made of Steel 3

Their very success brought the Spanish. The Spanish Conquests fought the Aztecs for over a century before the main bridge to the city was breached and the city fell. It was a pyrrhic victory: more than 80% of the Spanish invaders were killed.

In 1821, Mexico declared independence from Spain. The main thrust of the independence was that the resident Spanish had been assimilated into the Mexican society, and were no longer loyal to Madrid. The Spanish and Aztecs had intermarried so much that there was a near homogeneous society!

See the data below:

Population: 128 million
GDP: 1.1 trillion USD
Landmass: 1.964 million square kilometers
Unemployment: 3%
Adult literacy: 95%.

The country is more than twice the size of Nigeria, with 31 states. The system of government is the presidential system with a congress (this is so because they are homogeneous; the presidential system is not suitable for a multicultural society). The landmass was twice the current one—the United States fought the Mexicans between 1846 and 1848 and seized the states of Arizona, Colorado, California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Texas and half of New Mexico from these people!

Made of Steel 2

Undaunted, the Mexicans forged on. They had stupendous problems especially with drugs from South America shipped by immigrants from Guatemala and others. But they pulled up themselves by the boot strings and set to work!

They’ve built a $2.2 trillion dollar economy from almost nothing! They export $450 billion dollars worth of goods yearly! Agro products alone fetch them $20 billion in exports, oil and gas fetch only $50 billion! Manufacturing is the biggest thing in Mexico! Their Tourism sector is fantastic! Unemployment is low, yet the country is an emerging economic power!

As good as they seem to be performing, they’re nothing compared to a super power as Germany!

Germanic tribes had been ruling Europe for over a thousand years before Mexicans even dreamt of independence! Germany has a super GDP of almost $4 trillion dollars. In fact, when the Germans cough, Mexicans ought to be hiding in rabbit warrens!

The Two Personalities Who Signed The Amalgamation Treaty Of 1914 On Behalf Of The Southern And Northern Protectorates

The Mexicans were still tying loin clothes when Germany was making strides in development! Surprisingly, the Mexico looked Germany in the eye last night, and stuck it up to them! The Mexicans did a yeoman job; they beat the mighty Germans like it was normal!

A people that survived the invasion of the Spanish, the aggression of the US, the debilitating drug and gang wars in Central Mexico, and are thriving in a region dominated by a superpower, are definitely made of steel! They showed the steel they’re made of last night! And the world stood still,awed and dazed!

Nigeria does its best to ruin the resilience of its ethnic nations! Every attempt at progress is shutdown or impediments placed in its parts by the Abuja slaver and the despicable structure! The more steel we have, the more aggressive the establishment gets! We are being beaten to a pulp by this structure; and we must torpedo it by every means possible! The steel in us must be made to thrive!

We must #restructureOrBurst

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