Made of Steel 3

By Ikenga Chronicles June 18, 2018

Made of Steel 3

—¬†Baron Roy

The Swiss

These group of people are some of the most fascinating in the world. If I should say I do not admire these people, I would be a liar, bereft of any truth whatsoever! If you knew the Swiss, you’d fall in love over and over again!

These people straddling western and central Europe have a very rich history. In the Middle Ages, with the powerful French, German, Austro-Hungarian and the Romanov Russians baying for blood all over Europe, the Swiss maintained a dignified but tactical neutrality! For almost an eon (a thousand years), the Swiss have been resolutely unshaken and unshakable! In fact, the Vatican was so powerful for over 800 years and decided legality of marriages of Royals, nullified marriages and employed the Church to break the backs of renegade countries. Several sovereigns fought the Vatican to no avail. The Swiss, being smart provided the Vatican with Swiss Guards! Till date, the Vatican is guarded and protected by the Swiss Guards. The Vatican in gratitude, does business with the Swiss and the Vatican is not only wealthy but very powerful! Go figure.

Made of Steel

See the country parameters:

Population: 8.5 million
Landmass: 41,285 square kilometres
GDP: 660 billion USD
Unemployment: 3% (those who really don’t wanna be employed)

There you are! Don’t let us go too far; just see the population and compare to the GDP and you’d observe that the Swiss are the richest in the world per capita! It seems strange that a little country with a population half of Lagos has almost twice the GDP of Nigeria at 660 billion dollars! How come they’re so rich?

Open Letter To The Nigerian Soccer Hypocrite

They sell chocolates! They buy cocoa from West Africa in raw form, and make all brands of chocolates! With the wastes from the chocolates, they make brandy for export. With the wealth from brandy and others, they built the watch making industry; if you don’t have a Swiss Watch, you do not own a watch! And yes, their banking industry is the most sought after worldwide! Ask all “our heroes past” including Abacha and his worshippers, Switzerland is the hiding place for the money they stole from us! In fact, it is reckoned that more than 70% of the wealth of the Swiss is from the Banking Industry!

The Swiss have since moved on to other precision industries. They are some of the smartest people in the world! But of course, a country that has maintained neutrality since 1847, where almighty Russia, Germany, USA, French and others give them grudging respect, without raising a finger, must be respected!

Why Abiola Must Have Died In Vain

The Swiss have German, Italian, French and Romanish as official languages. They run a Confederate parliamentary system. The executive has only 7 members where they rotate the presidency every year. The federal regions (Cantons) are not controlled by the centre; in fact, the central doesn’t even dare! The citizens routinely challenge assembly decisions and laws! The national government exists in mortal fear of their citizens!

They do not have a military per se; but they have military formations in reserves run by the citizens!

The Swiss stood up to the royalty of football tonight; those folks have courage and resilience! A country about half the size of the Mid-Eastern Region (Benue, Taraba and Southern Adamawa), stood up to the creme de la creme of football, the almighty Brazil and tamed them! Brazil is more than 8 times the size of Nigeria (about the size of West Africa) with over 200 million people! A country that could tame such a formidable adversary, is definitely peopled by folks made of steel!

Made of Steel 2

Switzerland has half the population of Lagos, and about the size of Ogun State but are on the world stage, expressing themselves and making the world green with envy! Nigeria is determined to destroy the steel in us all and replace same with cotton wool of idiocy!

We must #restructureOrBurst

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