Lunatic’s Pad: Hacking the Hackers, and a Whining America

By Ikenga Chronicles December 17, 2016

Russia now decides who becomes America’s president. I didn’t say that. The CIA, the almighty CIA that can decide what happens in the Third World countries from miles away did.

Don’t laugh.

Don’t mock too.

All hail the Russians. They must be super, I mean extraordinary, and super good. I mean, they just did a small America, a small version of what America has been doing over the years and all hell is let lose. America is whining.

Ok. Calm down. Calm down. Chill. I understand that you might not not be very good fans of the Americans. But you see, America has had a way of fixing things, a whole lot of things, with elections and forceful change of leadership being one of them. They are the masters of the art. They created Saddam’s atomic bombs, manufactured Gadaffi’s sins, and have been involved in Afghanistan too.

These Americans.

But the new kids are in the hood. The Russians have pulled the rug right from under the feet of the masters. And there’s wailing in the land. Haba! Americans that know everything that happens everywhere else can’t pick their own president?

The drama has started. Let’s see if the Americans will do more than crying. Let’s see,

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