Lunatic’s Pad: Buhari’s Obsession With Oil

By Ikenga Chronicles October 12, 2016

There’s something Baba Bubu loves, craves, adores, and sings about. When he sleeps, that’s what he dreams about. Happy stories from there make his day. Sad stories hurt him.

I guess many of you will think that it is his anti-corruption fight. Not at all. Baba barely cares about corruption. He just wants to teach some guys that he’s the boss. You see, push them, get out some money, and we can chill.

The anti-corruption fight cannot be what Baba dreams about. Ever heard of Kyari, his pal? Even Sahara and all their documents could not move Baba to see any evil there. Ever heard of Buratai, the best saver since banks invented savings account? He was the first person investigated, discharged, and given an award for being a super saver.

The tales of corrupt cases that have made no sense to Baba Bubu abound.

The fight against corruption isn’t the centre. Baba’s sweetheart is oil. You can spell the words to really get the impact- O I L.

Yes! Do you know who the Petroleum Minister is?

At a time when the price of oil was crumbling, Bubu was boasting of economic diversity by allotting N39 billion for oil exploration in the North, specifically the Lake Chad Basin. That was not all. Baba Bubu also ordered the NNPC to put in everything in their search for oil in the Kolmani River area.

When the Avengers struck, it made headlines in all his speeches, even with greater evils like the marauding herdsmen on a killing spree, they never bothered Baba. But he was disturbed only when the avengers blew up pipelines– his darling was bleeding. He formed the Crocodile Smile, to snuff out, destroy, and finish any illegal oil related activity. Ha! Why are these people hurting Baba this much?



So yesterday, with an egg now going for N40, Naira strolling to 500 for a Dollar, cost of everything skyrocketing, Federal Government unable to fund the NYSC anymore, the Foreign Affairs Minister of Germany visited Baba, and guess what he sought help for?
Still guessing?

* Dum Syl Aminikpo tweets with @ Dumsyl

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