Lucky Buhari and Ibiyeomie’s Lines–Dum Syl Aminikpo

By Ikenga Chronicles January 21, 2017

Lucky Buhari and Ibiyeomie’s Lines–Dum Syl Aminikpo

Buhari is a lucky man. I envy him. Obasanjo should be envying him too. For Brother J, no doubts from that end. Buhari is the only man who gets no blame but takes all the glory.
See these:
Nigerian Army ‘captures’ Sambisa Forest. Buhari gets all the accolades, from home and abroad. The leader of the team isn’t remembered. When you complain, they ask you to go to the war front if you feel the presidency wasn’t doing enough.

Boko Haram kills soldiers. The commandant, or whoever led the team is weak, he gets called names, he is sometimes changed, or even charged because he allowed Boko Haram to overrun his hungry soldiers.

Flag is captured. It is Buhari’s tenacity, zeal, and desire to clear off Boko Haram, but when University of Maiduguri ¬†gets bombed, a quick name is called. Other stories pop up. No country defeats terrorism in a day. The president is doing enough.

So why the celebration?

Why did we celebrate the flag?

We all accept that terrorism does not end in a day, yet we rush to celebrate everything, even something as common as an abandoned flag.

And that bomb dropped on the IDP camp? NAF of course. But if it had landed on Boko Haram, or their former camp, or even on anything remotely linked to Boko Haram, …

Buhari is a lucky man though. A really lucky man.

Ok, something good about Buhari, and his administration. My friends in the PDP, the band of wailers will never commend him for his magnanimity, and the new type of democracy he has brought.

Are you aware that Buhari is the first president who willingly divided the country into two and made his vice a president of a part?

Some will still say he has not done enough. Obj couldn’t do this. Jonathan didn’t. Now Buhari has done it, but no one has bothered to congratulate him for this mean feat. That’s not fair. Not fair at all.

For those of us in Port Harcourt, we are into 5 Nights of Glory. That’s what’s in vogue now. If your girlfriend has left you, go to any viewing centre, you might be someone’s miracle.

And you know that Pastor Ibiyeomie likes words. These days, he preaches economy, politics, and governance. He rhymes too, and is very poetic. He sometimes leaves you confused with things like:

“This hardship is not a Nigerian problem; it is a global problem. The difference is that we talk about ours than others” David Ibiyeomie


“Nigeria is not in hardship. It is blindness causing it”

David Ibiyeomie!

What do I know by the way. More so since this might be too spiritually deep for the understanding of a carnal mind, a carnal lunatic mind like mine.