How To Love A Woman Who Seems Too Good To Be True

By Ikenga Chronicles February 24, 2018

How To Love A Woman Who Seems Too Good To Be True

She’s different. There’s something about her that makes you nervous, that makes you wonder; is she too good to be true?

She’s not too good to be true—you’ve just never tasted forever before.

Perhaps it won’t last and what you’re seeing and feeling is only the beautiful buds of love growing, and not what it would actually be like if you chose to spend all of your days with her.

Maybe she is too good to be true. But maybe this is just a lie you keep telling yourself—because the reality is, it’s easier to think she’s too good to be true than to actually become the man you know she deserves.

She’s full of contradictions, like the moon visible in the light of day, but it doesn’t stop her love from being real. She tastes like fresh chicory coffee under the dappled light of early morning, and somehow, even though you never thought you’d find it, she feels like home.

It might seem easier to just dismiss this woman and her love, yet she is here in your life for a reason. It’s no mistake that yours is the one her heart has been pulled to, and while thinking she’s too good to be true might solve the problem of wondering if you’re good enough—it’s not going to stop her from loving you.

Perhaps time has taught you that you’re not worthy of the unconditional, the amazing. Maybe you’ve been told of all the things you have done wrong in your life and all the qualities that make it difficult to love you.

But there is nothing difficult about you for the heart meant to love you.

For you are worthy of her, just as you are. Stepping up isn’t about changing who you are, or finding a job that brings..

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