Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 20)

By Ikenga Chronicles April 16, 2018

Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 20)

Dismay flooded her. She was baffled when she saw her pictures on Facebook; Pictures of her lying on the bed, covered with a duvet, while Franco stood naked backing the camera.

Her hands were shaking as she held the phone tight so that it won’t fall off.

Her phone suddenly rang and she knew what her friend Esther wanted to say to her. She ignored the call. Her eyes were blurry with tears.

Everyone had heard of the news of her and Franco dating secretly. And Eyo suddenly became the victim who was cheated on by his girlfriend and friend.

Love Is Fat And Chubby (Last Episode)

She cried softly under her pillow, wetting it with her tears. She didn’t know who to talk to at that moment, and nobody would understand why she made the decision of dating Franco. She cried until she slept off.

She woke up an hour later and the scent of Franco’s perfume reminded her of their last night together.
A chill rippled through her body when she realized that someone was seated by her bedside. She lifted her face slowly and her heart trembled at the sight of Franco. She held her breath for a while before she asked, “What are you doing here?”

“I have been watching you sleep.” Franco replied boldly. “You left your door unbolted.” He added.

“Did you see what Eyo did?” Her voice quivered now. Franco nodded.

“Don’t be ashamed. We will sort this out honorably. I understand how you feel. I caused this. I blame myself. I wouldn’t have brought up the game idea.”

Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 19)

“It’s okay.” She sighed. “He wasn’t meant for me. Him, Eyo, he wasn’t.” She sighed again and turned back towards the wall.

Franco fell on his knees and held her hands backwardly. “Everything will be fine. Let’s go on a vacation to Dubai. Come be with me for a while.”

“You and I?” Nkese asked softly.

“Yes. Just the two of us baby.” He replied. She turned and faced him as she managed a smile. “This won’t ruin us ever?”

“Never, we are in this forever my love.” He said and held her cheeks with his two hands. Kissing her softly on the lips, he held her hands and watched her beautiful face.

Surrendering to the fierce need to lose herself in him for however long she could, she relaxed herself, leaned in and feasted in his mouth. He answered with a skill that sent tight, hot spasms spearing into her belly.

Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 15)

One kiss wasn’t enough. It wasn’t anywhere near enough for Franco. They were almost horizontal on the bed when Nkese gasped for breath.

“We will be leaving for Dubai tomorrow.” He whispered against her ears. “Do you have passport?” He asked softly, she nodded. “I will take you around the world. Just you and I will rock this world together in sunshine, rain, winter, autumn…” The soft whisper acted like a trigger. He was almost melting her in the inside. Tugging her up, he crushed her mouth with his. They were tearing at each other’s clothes apart, as they held themselves tight. He wanted to eat her raw like his favorite ripened fruit.

Her nipples unfolded into stiff points. The ache in Franco’s groin intensified with every flick of his tongue, but he kept his touch light and tormenting, making her want him more. Nkese’s breath was coming hard and fast when he palmed the smooth skin of her belly.

Contouring, he nipped at the warm flesh. Her back ached. Her belly hollowed under his hand. Her body’s instinctive, uninhibited response elicited a low growl from Franco.

Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 13)

They made love like never before, even more passionately, and there was this emotion and passion that existed between them, It made them whimper like babies.


The morning came, and Franco had packed few of his luggage. He picked up Nkese at her house, and ordered the cab man to drive straight to the airport. She was anxious and curious at the same time. She’d never been to Dubai before.

Eyo had only taken her to Accra for his family’s friend wedding in the past. It was her first time of leaving Nigeria for a nearby country. And Eyo always reminded her all the time that if not for him, she wouldn’t have seen the skies of Accra city.

The airport was filled with classy people with boxes and ‘Ghana must go’ bags.

Franco held her hand and he led the way to the counter. He was anxious, and sweating at the same time. He was about to do something he’d never done before. It was the best decision he made for himself at that moment. He peeped through the diamond engagement ring he’d bought in France and exhaled. He couldn’t believe that his dreams of being forever with his dream woman had come to reality.

Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 16)

People began to murmur words around them.

“Look, that man and that woman on Facebook.” A young man said. People began to take pictures of them with their phones. Nkese became shy. She wanted the floor to just open up and swallow her for the shame she was receiving at that moment. As they got their boarding pass, Franco held her hand in the midst of the crowd, camera lightening flashing through their eyes. He knelt down before her, like she was his goddess. It was his first time of kneeling for any woman, Nkese was his first and last. And that moment, he was like a god to her.

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