Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 19)

By Ikenga Chronicles April 7, 2018

Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 19)

Eyo’s heart trembled as Franco’s words flowed easily over Nkese as she sat listening, almost transfixed.

They were both naked, seated on the bed and facing each other. While Eyo stood stiffly by the door. He’d heard their voices right from when he was climbing the staircase. He wanted to cry when he heard all the sweet words Franco was saying to Nkese.

“Sugar coated bastard!” he muttered.

Franco was such a vital man, so efficient, so self contained. It was the way he treated Nkese that made him so fascinating to her, so different. And she wondered why Moet ever cheated on such a cool guy. She couldn’t take her eyes off him while he talked, he walked his hands on her body as he said things that made her inner feelings succumb to the glory of the sweet emotions which was about to explode her heart. He was gentle but commanding.

Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 13)

She wouldn’t let him finish when she grabbed him and kissed him. “I love you!” She said, after she dragged her lips Succulently from his. Her lips looked softer, redder. She looked serene, satisfied.

Franco put her to bed and began to kiss her again. Pinning her to the bed, blocking her exit, he put his hand around her nape and caressed it; an act that never failed to make her crazy, she moaned so loud as she searched for his lips to kiss it.

She closed her eyes and reached for control.

“You have beautiful skin honey.” He said softly against her ears. She wanted to melt away, but she held him tight
And he did magical things to her body, things she’d never experienced before.

Eyo angrily kicked the door when he heard her loud moans. “Shitty people!” he yelled. Nkese’s heart didn’t break into pieces when she saw that Eyo had caught her red handed on the bed of another man. She simply pulled the duvet and covered herself and Franco.

Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 16)

“Look at you, for all what I have done for you, you’re paying me back this way!”

“Get out of here before I call the police!” Franco said loud. Eyo laughed, an incredible laugh. “Call the police for me? Franco!”

“I will do worse if you don’t leave here.” Nkese added.

“Bitct! look at you, sleeping with my friend and you’re not ashamed!”

“Oh really? I am sleeping with your friend. And you’re sleeping with your friend’s girlfriend. The slut you call your secretary. Who are you?”

“A fuck king I think.” Franco replied abruptly.

“Franco, this isn’t what the game plan was about. This was about Moet your girl. Nkese wasn’t involved in this. Guy why you do this kind thing?” He asked, looking confused.

Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 12)

“You moved me on to do this. You told me she meant nothing to you, that your mom despises her because she is quite fat and looks older. This girl was my crush, I wanted her in my life, you never did. Mehn!” Franco said aloud. Nkese sat up, like something he said touched her.

“Wait a minute.” Nkese said as she turns to Eyo. “Your mother never liked me?”

“Go to hell! My mother hated you so much because of how fat you’re. I can now see reasons why she said you’re not worth being in my life. you’re a whore!”

“Get out! Do not insult my woman before me, out!” Franco yelled. But before he could come out of bed to find his pyjamas and drag him out, Eyo had taken pictures of them with his phone.

“I am putting this up on social media. The world will see what you did to me!” He said angrily as he ran out of the house.

Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 1)

Nkese covered her face as she sobbed softly.

“Don’t do this.” Franco said, patting her back.

“Leave me alone! Y’all are the same!” She said with angry tone and uncovered the duvet from her body, she walked around the room naked and hastily, looking for her dress and her under wears.

“I will get them for you downstairs.”

“Don’t touch anything of mine. Don’t!” Nkese yelled at Franco.

“I am sorry.” He said calmly.

“Sorry for yourself! You didn’t tell me that all of that were involved in your silly boyish games.” She said bitterly, roaming around the room and finding her clothes.

“I did. I told you that I set up that game to be able to be in your life!”

“Liar!” She cried out.

Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 15)

There was something in her tone, it was bitterness. Franco had never seen her that way before. She picked up a robe from a chair by the bed and walked out of the room angrily.


The pictures of Nkese lying on the bed and covered with a duvet, with Franco backing the camera to pick a towel was allover the internet later that day. His buttocks wasn’t clear, but the back of his head obviously showed that he was the one.

The pictures were on blogs and sites.

Franco’s phone rang severally that day, but he just stared at it as one caller and another called frequently. His friend Charlie sent him a screenshot of his pictures on a blog and “Popular business man Franco caught in the act with Friend’s Girlfriend” was written as headline.

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His heart did not jump after he read it, he swiped his phone off and smiled. He didn’t know what made him laugh, but everything about the news was funny to him, but finding Nkese and telling her that she still meant the world to him was all what was in his mind. And he would tell the world ‘fuck y’all’ and face the consequences.

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