Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 15)

By Ikenga Chronicles March 10, 2018

Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 15)

She wriggled her hand free of his.

“I can’t still believe I have been a game all these while.” She said. Franco became amazed. Few minutes ago, he thought she was trying to get herself together, and now she is suddenly blaming him for the game plan Eyo and him both had.

“I did it to get you Nkese.” He said.

She placed her hands over her ears. “I won’t listen to anymore lies of yours. Whatever you’re going to say, is going to be In your defense. You men lie too much.” She said girlishly, but seriously.

It just occurred to her at the moment she was lying on that soft mattress of his, that she was right by the man who played dirty games to get her.

She glanced away when she saw that he was kneeling right beside her.

“I am not gonna play games with you, I swear to God.” Franco said boldly. But she tried to step out from the bed when he held her down. “You might be chubby, but I am far stronger than you’re.” He said, holding her hands firmly.

She took a breath before answering him furiously.
“Let me go! I can’t stand your lies. Men!”

After several tries of struggling her hands off his, she was finally able to take a deep breath and relax. She was slightly lightheaded and held on the pillow until she was tired, while Franco kept staring at her and begging “please Nkese….” She enjoyed his plea, the way he pronounced the words thrilled her. After she had composed herself, she put the pillow by her side and folded her arms.

He was thinking of how adorable she looked when she was mad. He was thinking of her; How much he would have loved to kiss her again if she’d accepted his apologies.

He took her by surprise when he kissed her forehead and then suddenly went silent again for a minute, his stare pinning her. Slowly, he got to his feet and stood there, tall. Commanding. His eyes bronze in eerie glow, his pink lips glowing. Her breath caught in her throat. “I have no business with ruining your love life. I want to make it.” He said quietly. “You’re here with me now, and i’m looking at you in the eyes to say that I am not gonna be in your life for jokes.” Without hesitation he moved toward her, reached down and took her hands in his.

She was face to face with him, with the man she’d struggled whether to let her heart love him or not. She felt she could hardly function, her thoughts spinning too madly, her pulse racing wildly out of control. Gazing down at her, he released her hands, placing his own on either side of her face. “I want you in my life for good.” he whispered as his eyes searched hers. She could barely whisper back a word. The passion was too strong. He stood there, big and powerful, they just realized it was getting dark, dark shadows dancing on his beautiful skin as the moonlight reflected into the room through the window. His muscles was moving as he breathed deeply and silently.

Nkese drew in a breath. She felt as if all her senses had suddenly sprung to life. There was no one in her heart at that moment, except him. She couldn’t control herself, something left her. She didn’t know what it was. Her own hands held his cheeks and began to kiss her lips. Goose bumps formed on her skin as the cold night air enfolded her half naked body. It was not all unpleasant night, because she felt so alive, so uninhibited. She had once felt this In the arms of Eyo, she now referred to him as her ex in her mind. But this feeling was more pleasurable, it wasn’t to be compared.

Franco kissed her lips, her eyelids, holding her hair aside, turning her in his arms, kissing her shoulders and the nape of her neck. He seemed to want to possess her entire body, to memorize each curve and hollow before they would lie down together. Her knees grew weak, so unsteady that she sagged against him and turned to put her arms around him.

The door suddenly clicked open and the electric light switch was turned on. Their hearts trembled as they breathed helplessly, coats of sweats on their bodies.

“Oka abeg no fex, I bin wan tell you sey I don on infata” Aunty Mmaette said innocently. Her mouth widened as she closed back the door.


A week later, Moet sat at her dressing table while Eyo finished pinning a wreath of coral roses in her hair. “There you are. Everyone is going to think that I will be engaging you tonight.” Eyo said. Moet laughed. “Absolutely not me! And not that fat bitch of yours who wanna steal my man!”

“Don’t call her that.” Eyo warned.

He held her hands and walked into the crowd of friends and invitees who were all gathered at Le seina’s club house. He’d searched his eyes in the crowd to see if the lady he was about to engage was there present.

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