Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 1)

By Ikenga Chronicles December 3, 2017

Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 1)

The pink lace curtain in Nkese ‘s window danced in slow motion. She stared at it as the fresh breeze pushed it around softly. It was ghostly, wavering in the night sky.

She was on her third can of castle milk stout. Even as she struggled against the thoughts of her boyfriend Eyo, she knew that it was going to be hard for her.

Nkese was smallish, chubby and stylish. She still looked like a teenager at her age thirty and being a make up artiste had given her the leverage to look stylish and more beautiful in various occasions.

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Her small one bedroom, toyish looking house was bought with the money she’d invested in MAC ruby woo lipsticks.

She gulped down the remains of the stout and threw the can on the floor, falling back on the bed, she gave a loud sigh. She closed her eyes, and all she could see was the picture of her boyfriend Eyo and his secretary Moet.

‘Moet’ what a name for another stylish woman. She was Nkese’s biggest competition when it had to do with being stylish and being in Eyo’s life. Moet was not a beautiful woman, she was only classy and attractive for a fair slim lady who only used long Peruvian hairs, red colored lipsticks and high heel shoes. Often times, Nkese caught her glance at her through the window whenever she went to visit Eyo.

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Being one of the richest bachelors in the country, girls fell on Eyo Efiwatt’s very feet the moment he stood to walk. He knew he was handsome. And the only woman he’d genuinely love was Nkese. The rest of them only got through him once and he’d dumped them and went back to Nkese.
But Moet wasn’t easily dumped. She was a big runs girl who would do anything to keep a man she really wanted.

Nkese had thought she was just a fling. One of those greedy women who always twisted their buttocks and flung their curly hairs whenever they saw Eyo from a distance. But no, Moet had extra charms that got Eyo’s head turning. She had a figure eight shape, she was extremely fair and most importantly for Eyo, she was good in bed.

Never in her wildest fantasies did she believe that she was going to register in a gym to get a flat tummy and be like slim like Moet. But she did it to get back her man. Her world shook for the first time when she discovered that Moet was in her man’s life for real.

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On the afternoon of that day, before she called Eyo, he’d lied to her that he was on his way out for an important meeting. But Nkese still went to his office. She startled when she clicked the door open and saw Moet sitting on his laps.

“Oh sorry.” She said abruptly and closed back the door. Walking as fast as she could to her lady’s bike she broke down in tears. She didn’t mind who was looking at her. She drove back to her small office and slammed the door. She’d expected Eyo to call and explain to her, or even lie to her as usual, but he didn’t. She kept staring at her phone until it was 6pm.

She heard her door click open and knew that he was the one.

He was the only one who had the key to her apartment.

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Eyo Efiwatt sat perfectly erect in the big soft couch by her bed. She held her breath, determined not to say a word to him.

“Moet tries to throw herself at me forcefully.” He said huskily. “I normally don’t like playing or getting close to my staff, but I don’t know what really happened that she had to sit on my laps today ” He said slowly.

“She sat on your laps. Did she tie your hands with ropes? Why didn’t you push her off and tell her that you’ve got a girlfriend?”

“Well, I did after you left.”

He was damn good at convincing her easily. She knew he was lying, but she loved him too much to argue.

“I don’t want to see her around you anymore.” She said softly. She got up from the bed and lighted her scented candles.

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“Should I make you dinner?” She asked.
“Only if you’ve forgiven me.” Eyo replied.

She gave a wide grin and sat on his legs.

“You’re gaining so much weight now. Look at how fat you look.” Eyo said.

“But I have always been like this. you’ve spent your last five years loving this body EY.” She retorted as she stood to her feet. “Let me make you dinner?” She asked again. She knew that she was a perfect cook, Eyo loved her meals. He would do anything to have them. It wasn’t just the way she looked with her short hair style and her fat body, he liked her personality.

Nkese was too shy, too quiet to even speak too much or unnecessarily. She was calm and a deep introvert, it was what Eyo didn’t like anymore. He’d started wondering why she wasn’t like Moet; Loud and noisy.

And then there was that smile, that laugh when he tickled her.

He only hoped he was trying to make her happy again. And she hoped the love making they had that day was worthy of turning his back against Moet.

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