Love In the Time Of Buhari (Episode 2)

By Ikenga Chronicles February 1, 2019

Love In the Time Of Buhari (Episode 2)

Editi had a long sleep the next day. She had been trying to wake up, but the sleep kept coming. The doorbell rang and she wondered whom it was. Akwang had gone for morning mass, and she and Abas the maid were home alone.

“Is my sister home?” A female voice came in boldly from the sitting room. It was Annie’s voice, Editi’s immediate younger sister. She was a lanky nurse, who worked at the university teaching hospital. She was tall, so tall she bent through the door. She had a long face, and looked like Editi, she looked quite older than Editi though, and each time she talked or laughed, her voice passed through the walls of a house. She knocked the room door once and opened it. Her blue colour nurses dress was stained with little splashes of blood.

Editi looked at her blankly for a minute then cleared her throat.

“Good morning Edi,”

“You need to shower, these blood stains on your body is quite irritating, you really need a bath.”

Annie sighed, “A patient was brought in last night. Accident victim. Almost died. The tanker driver who hit him ran away.”

“Nawa! haba, this is so crazy.” Editi ran her hands over her hair, “thank God he didn’t die.”

“Why is your hair like this? It’s messy.” Annie said.

“I will braid it tomorrow. I have to fix a date with the hair braider.”

“I see your maid now lives with you. You know Mama won’t want to hear that a maid is living with you.”

“She isn’t living with me. She comes here every 6:00 AM and leaves by 5:30 In the evening. “

“There is something I want to discuss with you about.” Annie said, falling back on the wall.

“You should shower first.”

“I will do that when I get home.” She cleared her throat, “What about Jaja Have you been able to repair it?”

Editi yawned, “Jaja is beyond repairs, it saddens me, that eye of mine is gone just like that.”

“You really need a new one, now that you have a maid, to avoid stories that touch.”

“I will buy it before we move from here.”

“Move from here?” Annie got surprised.

“Yes, we’re relocating to Safari estate soon. Hubby gave me the news yesterday, I am so excited.”

“Ah my sister! I envy you. Safari estate that has all those rich big men.”

“You and men Annie!”

Annie looked away, “I am leaving. Take care of yourself and greet your husband when he comes. I am going home.” She said. She was about to open the door when Editi said, “do you have transport fare?”

Annie laughed, “Of course I do.” She laughed, “I am not a baby anymore, I am a certified nurse, working for the federal government.”

Editi smiled, “I will call you to help us fix our new apartment when it’s time.”

“It’s okay. I will do anything for my only sister.” Annie retorted and waved to her, “Bye,”

“Regards to mama, I will call her soon.” Editi said.

After Annie left, Editi walked around the kitchen, inspecting the things Abas had done. She took her to the bedroom and asked her to lay the bed and clean the bathroom before Akwang returns from church.

Her phone rang and when she saw that it was her mom, she inhaled a deep breath and picked the call, “Good day mama, I have been planning to call you.”

“Good day, it is okay, I have called you first after all.”

“Did you go to church?” Editi asked.

“Yes, I am just coming back from church, and your sister blew my brains with this news…”

“Oh, the new house?”

“Not the house, I am talking about the maid.”

“Ah mama!”

“Don’t mama me! You children of nowadays are so disobedient and naive. What did I tell you about housemaids?

These people are demonic. You’re barely a year in marriage, and you took a maid, what house chores do you do?”

“Mama, I can’t do everything here on my own. I bake cakes weekly, I cook. And when Akwang goes offshore, I go through a lot of stress when I don’t see help.”

“Your sister will come help you when she is on off, send that maid away before she begins to open her breast for your husband.”

Editi laughed. “Mama, Akwang isn’t like that. He is not that kind of a man. And besides, Abas my maid is a very good girl.”

Her mother laughed over the phone, “You’re still a child. You haven’t seen life yet. You’re just twenty-six years old. It is the same thing I said about your father, and then before I knew it, the maid suddenly became your stepmother. I pray it doesn’t happen to you in Jesus name.”

“Amen.” She retorted calmly.

“And again, I heard that Jaja got spoilt, I have asked your sister to buy you a new one as soon as possible. You need an eye.”

“I have heard you mama.” Editi replied.

When her mother hung up the call, she shook her head and smiled.

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