Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 7)

By Ikenga Chronicles January 13, 2018

Love Is Fat And Chubby (Episode 7)

“You’re thinking about him now?” Franco asked with a wicked grin as he gulped down his soured wine in the midst of a classic music.

“Who?” Nkese asked looking confused.

“Your boyfriend. That dude I caught banging Moet.” He said giggling.

“banging your slutty girl friend.” She rolled her eyes and swiveled to look at him.

Franco laughed.

“Why are you laughing in the midst of all these. I mean, you just caught that bitch of yours with my boyfriend and you aren’t hurt, why?”

“Because I don’t get hurt twice by one person. The moment I was told of her relationship with her boss Eyo. Your boyfriend…” He said, dragging the ‘boyfriend’ lyrically. “I made up my mind. that if it were true, I would let it go. And if it wasn’t true, I would marry her as soon as I can.” He pours drink into his glass and gulps down hastily. “I love her still, I don’t know why but I still do. I never wanted to have a bitch for a wife. I have gone through a lot. ”

Nkese looked at him amazingly. She wondered if he was for real.

“You’re not a typical Nigerian man.” She said, turning her face away. “No Nigerian man would say that after catching his wife cheating, talk of girlfriend. Some will even go violent. They will chop off the girl’s breast or even sef, kill them at the spot. It’s something I read on blogs and Facebook every single day.”

“I am not a violent person.” He said sensually.

“I know. I can see.” Nkese retorted calmly.

The bar man arrived with a plate of brownish fried beef. Nkese forked one into her mouth and chewed it contemplatively.

“Wait a minute. You still eat stuffs like this?”

“Why shouldn’t I? Don’t I have a mouth?” Franco giggled.

“Well, people of your shape should go for green teas, lemons and limes.” Nkese’s countenance changed, her face suddenly put up a bittered frown.

“Sorry. joking.”

“Joke about your slutty girlfriend!”

“Well, I have joked about that girl since we got in here. I know you hate her so much.” She indulged in one little sigh and stared at the meat, she watched Franco put them in his mouth consecutively until it finished.


Moet had a sleepless night all through, she couldn’t close her eyes without seeing Franco’s face. A strange, disturbing hurts bothered her till morning.

She was afraid; afraid to lose him. He was the man who made her, gave her all she’d ever asked for and granted her needs within seconds of demand.

She had a warm shower that morning and drove to his house. The house caretaker welcomed her with a wide smile. Aunty Mmaette, a chubby woman with such a huge skin. She’d been Franco’s house keeper and cook for years. And whenever he left for abroad, she still remained in his big edifice with her eleven year old son Sito.

She watched as Moet jumped the stair case to his bedroom, and then closed the door. When Moet opened the door and saw Franco lying down and sleeping peacefully, she wondered why he wasn’t awake, and thinking of her. He acted like she did absolutely nothing wrong. She walked close to his bed, and patted his shoulder. He opened his eyes and was shocked to see her face.

“hey…” he said softly. She knelt down and began to sob softly.

“I am sorry for what you saw baby.” Then she rummaged through her handbag for her phones, pulled them out and showed it to him. “look, we weren’t seriously dating. He was just a fling. Look at our chats, he has a girlfriend.” She said genuinely.

Franco didn’t look at her face nor the phone, his eyes were on his room walls.

“I don’t have issues with you. You’re not my wife, I’m not your husband. Do whatever you like honey. You’re my girlfriend, okay?”

There was this trace of pain she noted in his tone. All what he said were not what he really meant. He just said them for reasons known to him only. She looked at him, tears welling in her eyes.

“I hope I haven’t lost you Franco?” She said, holding his face with her both hands.

“I am here. I wouldn’t let you into my house at first if you had lost me.” He replied dryly.

“I missed you so much. I missed this body I’m seeing. You didn’t tell me you were coming to Nigeria.”

“Because I wanted to give you a sweet surprise my baby girl.” He said.

“Make love to me!” She said abruptly. Pulling down her trousers and unbuttoning her shirt. She was shaken, so apologetic, so terribly vulnerable that all Franco saw was a picture of her and Eyo kissing themselves.
He wanted to hold her tight, stroke her blonde hair and tell her everything was fine, but that he wasn’t going to make love to her. He trembled with his need, steeled himself against it and kept his distance from her.