Love is Fat And Chubby (Episode 6)

By Ikenga Chronicles January 6, 2018

Love is Fat And Chubby (Episode 6)

Six months later, the romance between Eyo and Moet was waxing stronger. Eyo became obsessed about her. He’d denied being romantically involved with Moet several times before Nkese. But she knew, Nkese knew that he lied, and that they had something going with each other. She was just tired of always bickering, nagging and talking about the same Moet. She gave up after her best friend told her so.

Nkese began to think she did something wrong. She changed her wardrobe, got new perfumes and even made new hair weekly. She felt she was running out of beauty for her man.

One morning, she wore the dress she’d bought from a designers dress shop. She wanted him to be the first to see what she looked like in it. She was gorgeous, and even when her round belly had showed a little in front of the dress, she still looked perfect in it.

As she walked majestically on the corridor that led to his office, she could perceive the strong scent of feminine perfume. And then, she heard foot steps walking behind her, she stopped and turned. She didn’t know who he was, but candidly, he was handsome, huge and very likable. She gave him a light smile and said “Good morning.”

“Morning beauty,” he said in a firm baritone voice. He liked Nkese. Just the usual likeness at first sight.

She kept walking, until she got to Eyo’s office. She heard boisterous laughter from the door. And when she realized that the young man was also behind her, waiting for the door to be opened so that he could talk with Eyo, Nkese opened the door.

Eyo was almost naked, while Moet was only in her G-string panty. She heard the door click open, but she didn’t look up to see who it was. Her back was facing the door.

Nkese took a deep, steadying breath and reined in her temper. After a moment, Eyo would realize what he had done and apologize, and guess what, she will forgive him and take him back.

“I am so sorry you both are seeing this,” Eyo said. “Sir please wait for me at the reception, I will get to you.” He added in a shaky tone. But the man and Nkese were both mute, just staring for moments.

“Tell my girlfriend to come give me a hug, I missed her. Baby Mo, come hug me,” the man said.

Moet’s heartbeat skipped when the voice sounded familiar. She knew who it was. It was Franco. She didn’t understand at that moment what had suddenly brought him to Nigeria without him informing her. She was ashamed to turn her face.

“Franco?” She called out his name, to be sure he was the one.

“It’s me darling,” he replied sensually, with a little weak smile playing at the corner of his lips. “I came for us to get married, this was supposed to be a surprise. But I think you’ve given me the shocker of my life,” he said expressionlessly.

Nkese walked out of the office, anger scorching her face. She was determined never to bother herself about Eyo anymore, or try to do anything to please him.

Franco walked toward her hastily…

“Excuse me Miss,” he called out, and when she stopped, he asked “Was that your boyfriend in there?” She nodded.

“I just got into the country last night, and I am stressed out with all that” pointing to Eyo’s office from where he stood. “Can we have a drink please. I just wanna get high on something and sleep off. I need someone to hangout with.”

“Okay. There is a wine bar close to my shop,” Nkese said mildly.

“Wine bar will just be fine,” He retplied.

They walked outside and Nkese noticed the other staff staring at them through the window.

“Do we need to call back my cab guy?”

“I have a lady’s bike. That’s it there,” she said, pointing at her bike parked by the gate.

“Wait a minute,” Franco said and started to laugh, “You mean you’re dating a man like Eyo Efiwatt and you don’t own a car?”

“How did you know him? I thought you two just met?”

“Don’t bother about that. Let’s get ourselves to a drinking bar.”

“Okay. You wait here, let me turn my bike and come carry you.”

“I ain’t gonna sit on that toy machine. I can’t imagine myself sitting on that thing,” He coughed and burst into a loud laugh. “I might fall.”

Nkese boldly walked away to where her bike was parked. She mounted on it and was about riding away when he screamed “Stop! Stop!” She stopped and he walked hastily and climbed onto the bike. It was Franco’s first time of climbing a bike as small as Nkese’s.

When they arrived Crystals wine bar, he jumped off immediately, still laughing.

“This is an adventure for me,” he said.

But Nkese didn’t say a word, she led the way to a seat and Franco walked behind her.

He wished he could joke and laugh with her, but she wasn’t giving a smiling face. The entire situation was laughable to him, from the way Moet’s panty showed in between her buttocks, to the way Eyo’s countenance changed when he saw them, and the way Nkese mounted her bike.

He sensed her hesitation, as if she wanted to say something but was not sure if she should.