Love is Fat And Chubby (Episode 5)

By Ikenga Chronicles December 30, 2017

Love is Fat And Chubby (Episode 5)

She knew he was going to make love to her. Knew she would kiss him, and hear him moan to her hearing. But just as she tied her towel and dashed to the bathroom, he called out her name.



“This house is so quiet, play me some music.”

“I want to have a shower, you can help me do that sir. ” She said.

Few minutes after she had her bath, he could perceive the scent of her shower gel from the sitting room.

It smelt like sweet, something that should be licked or chewed.

She came out of the room in purple ropes.

She was tall, rangy, with a tendency to look thin, but as Eyo looked at her, he knew that despite her madness, there was a brain, and a heart.

She lowered herself on his laps and hugged him.

“Nice perfumer.” He muttered.

“it was a gift from my boyfriend.”

“Let’s not talk about him. Not just yet Mo.”

He stayed where he was until she unbuttoned his shirt, dragged out her singlet and pulled out her trouser. He began to kiss her like he was tasting something delicious on her lips. He lifted her and carried her in his arms to her bedroom.

The bed was huge, slicked with what appeared to be genuine satin sheets, the color of ripe peaches. Small, soft focused spotlights were trained on its center where she was cupped naked in the gentle dip of the floating mattress. The mattress moved with obscenely graceful undulations to the rhythm of programmed music, slipping through the head board.

She was beautiful still, despite the few burns she got from her expensive tube creams. They made love that evening, and she fulfilled her promise. She’d given him a fellatio, and in turn, she got a head. He liked the way she twisted her waist. And at that moment, he’d wished Nkese had a figure eight shape too. He was going to be in the arms of such a chubby woman all through his lifetime. And while he stared at Moet’s fair skin, he’d wondered where she’d been all the while.

“Where have you been all my life? Why didn’t you come to me five years ago?” He said, she chuckled. He turned his face away, when he saw that she was now taking his words for a joke, and his eyes suddenly met with the picture of Franco by her bedside, it was in a yellow love shaped frame. He looked at it with some jealousy in his eyes.

A part of him wanted to stand up and drive home out of slight bitterness and jealousy. A part of him wanted to stay and have more of her.

“You look like you could be fierce.” She mused.

“Isn’t that a strange thing to say to someone you hardly know?” He relaxed flatly on the bed. He suddenly went on cold inside, and Moet wondered what happened to their innocent conversation.
He got out of bed and walked naked to the sitting room, wearing his singlet and then his boxers. Moet hugged him from behind.

“Going so soon?” she asked girlishly.

“countless paper works on my office desk.” He turned to her. “give me a kiss.” Turning her lips to his direction, she kissed him softly. In spite of his anger, he held her mesmerized.

Nkese was in her make up studio the next day, applying eye shadows on a customer’s face when the woman said “your arms are quite big, you should think of keto. Have you heard of Keto?”

Nkese shook her head. The customer continued, “give me your Facebook ID, I will add you to our keto group.”

“I will try…” she retorted softly.

“Don’t try. Join us. Just look at your arms and your stomach. I was fatter than you o. My husband left me for a slimmer girl. I couldn’t stand such heart break. I had to work on myself.”

“But I was born chubby.” Nkese said and took a deep breath.

“There is nothing like being naturally chubby o. A man can be fat like a telephone Marshall. Big, large with pot bellied, he will still find a woman of his dreams. But for us women? no way!”

“I don’t believe that sha. Any man who loves me for real will stay and not make me compete with a slim girl.” She said painfully. Nkese was fed up with her new customer’s rants on how fat girls are ugly. She didn’t like the conversation, and whatever the woman said to hurt her feelings and shame her body, she won’t say a word.

Her phone had been ringing since, she knew who it was, Eyo had been calling her lines consecutively for three hours.

“You’re not picking your calls.” Her student Ekemini said softly. Ekemini was age mates with Nkese. They were classmates In secondary school and then met again and reunited in Uyo, where she became her best friend and Student at her make up studio.

“Don’t tell me it’s about the fair bitch at his office again?” Nkese nodded calmly. She stood in threshold and watched her friend say things she wanted to hear as usual.

“you’re beautiful the way you are…”

Her spirit rose for the first time since she’d caught Eyo and Moet at the restaurant.